Can a Course Be Bought Multiple Times?


Besides my regular courses, I was also thinking of creating a second type of course.

Let's say I provide consulting via email. I'd like a person to be able to sign up, fill out a few questions, and I can get back to them with a response.

I was thinking Thinkific might be a good platform for this, potentially. I could create a one-page course with maybe a survey allowing them to ask their questions. Then I email them back with my response.

My only question is, can each person only purchase a course once? It's possible of course that someone might want to request this service multiple times, so I want to see if that would be possible using this method.

if not, do you have any other recommendations?

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Hi Brandon,

Provided that you set an expiry date on your pricing then students will be able to purchase the same course multiple times.

So, for example, you could set your pricing as a one-time payment where access to the course expires after 7 days. That could work well for what you're looking to do :)