Can I embed my personal blog page into my course page ?

 I wanted to know if I can embed my personal blog page on wordpress or linkedin to my course pages.

Hi Ganesh!

If your blog can be iframed then you will be able to embed it into a page on Thinkific. For example, the Course Description field is a WYSWIYG editor, so you can easily add any HTML that you need in there.

However, for the best results, rather than embedding your blog I would recommend including a link to it in your site header. You can use our Custom Links feature to do that.



I want my own blog page on thinkific if possible.

Hi Lynn,

We don't offer a blog feature right now, although it's definitely something we can consider for the future! You can go here to submit a request directly to our product team:

For now, what most instructors do is have a blog on a blogging platform, e.g. Wordpress. You can then link the two sites together seamlessly - here's how.




Can I embed a Sway link - I tried using the iframe but that didn't work.


Hi Adele,

Send us a message to and we can take a look for you.

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