How do I add a Vimeo video to my course landing page?

The Thinkific course landing page editor in the course builder can add any video from your Video Library or from YouTube via a link. However, some people would love to add a Vimeo video to their course landing page instead. Vimeo is an ad-free HD video hosting service which offers a paid Pro version with analytics. We don't want to exclude anyone using this service so here's the steps you can take to add a Vimeo video to your course's sales landing page template by editing your course site's Theme.

(If you're a visual learner, check out this video instead)

  1. From the Admin Dashboard, go to Themes.
  2. In the top right corner, click on My Themes.
  3. Click on Edit HTML/CSS on your Active Theme.
  4. In the Theme Editor, in the table of contents, click on Course Landing Pages.
  5. Then, click on Add Course Landing Page and name it.
  6. Open the new Course Landing Page you just made.
  7. Find the line that says {% include 'course_intro_video' %} and remove it.
  8. Go to the Vimeo video you want to embed and click the share button (it looks like a paper airplane).
  9. Click on the field under Embed in the sharing options and copy this code.
  10. Go back to the Theme Editor and paste the code into the space that used to have {% include 'course_intro_video' %} in it.
  11. Click on File and then click on Save.
  12. Go to My Courses, open your course in the Course Builder for editing, and go to the Design tab.
  13. Select Custom Landing Page and then use the drop-down menu to select the landing page you just made in the Theme Editor.
  14. Save the Changes and then click on Preview and select Landing Page.

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I'm wondering how to embed the code from a Biteable video. I've tried using this same format but it doesn't work. I do not see a Design tab anymore when I'm in editing. Can you help? Thanks.

Hi Allison!

Happy to help - 

You could edit your Theme like Aaron mentions above, if you want the video in your banner.

However, what may be easier is to embed your video into the course description instead. To do that, go to Landing Page > Description and then hit the "Insert Video" button on the editor.

If that doesn't work for you, then it may be that you just need to use a slightly different version of the embed code from Biteable. Please can you send what you're using directly to our support team? They'll be able to get this figured out for you. You can go here to get in touch with the team.



This works! Thank you.

Each one of my lessons is a 2 gig video from my YouTube channel.  How do I embed this video as a lesson?

Hi Dan! For YouTube videos, you would have to embed them in a text lesson. Or you can upload the videos directly into your Thinkific site to place in on video lessons.

Hi there, I'd like to embed a password protected, private vimeo video into a lesson. How can I do that?

Hi there!

You should be able to embed your video into a Text lesson - here's Vimeo's instructions for embedding videos. That said, I'm not sure whether Vimeo allows password protected, private videos to be embedded - that's something that you'll need to check with them directly.

As the content within your course on Thinkific will be password protected anyway, it might be worth uploading your videos to Thinkific instead.

Happy to help if you have any further questions at all.



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