searching for information inside a course


Is there a way to search for any content inside a course ?

I am planning to develop a course with much information.. if a student want to find some specific information, is there a way to find it with any "search engine".  If not, this could be a nice future feature I guess..


Hi Rodrigo!

This cannot be done within the course right now, but it is definitely something we hear requested by instructors running larger courses. I'll flag you as another vote for that with the product team :)

For now, students can search courses titles and keywords on the All Courses page, so one option would be to split your content out into separate courses to make the right content easier to find.

You can then sell your courses as a bundle.

I hope that helps, and just let us know if you have any questions!



This would be a tremendous feature that should be implemented if possible, especially for larger courses. 

Hey guys,

Good news!

In our new and improved Course Player, which is in Beta right now, students can search your course. Check out this article for more info on this and all the other things we've updated.

We hope you like it :)



PLEASE add a feature that allows us to add keywords or tags so members can search for lessons they desire. We have over 150 courses and it's hard for members to find. Even if we edited the title of the courses the same problem would still exist.

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