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OK folks, we just moved from Learndash to Thinkific and are in the process of moving over all our courses. I'm curious, with all the bells and whistles this platform offers, do you still find it necessary to use a membership app like member mouse, wishlist member, membersonic etc etc? If so, which are the favorites here? We're already using Drip (converted from get response) for mailing lists and opt ins, but even that has some overlap with Thinkific.

Hi Ana,

We have lots of customers running membership sites directly on Thinkific so you shouldn't need to be running a separate platform!

If you can send over some info on what you're looking to set up to we'll be happy to advise you on the best approach.

Looking forward to hearing from you :)




I was in a similar boat.  

I hosted my own course with a wordpress theme and used buddypress to manage the memeber subscriptions.  

I let the thinkific platform now handle all membership applications and it has been working extremely well.  

This is what I did to transition:

1. Duplicate the course in thinkific. 

2. White label the thinkific course, use a subdomain, and design it so that it resembles the appearance of my website

3. Close off registration to my website and go live with the thinkific course. Update all existing links on my website to point to the new subdomain pointing to the thinkific platform. 

4. Integrate Mailchimp with thinkific and zapier so that new enrollments on the thinkific platform will be imported to my existing mailchimp list including the details of the custom sign up fields. 

5. Announce the transition to my existing users about the new course platform and that they will have to re-register. Gave them a 5 day period to register on the new course to give an added sense of urgency.

6. Then delete all username and information from my existing website. 

7. 7 Days later sent a reminder Email to previous users from my mailchimp list asking "Have you registered on the new course platform yet and tried out our exciting new course layout?"


Thanks about it.  

It works pretty great because I no longer have to manage the user member details on my wordpress site. The wordpress site is essentially just a sales page with articles and SEO that points to the thinkific course with the white labeled subdomain. 

Students are none the wiser that it is actually two seperate webpages (not that it really matters).

The thinkific admin dashboard handles all the features of the user member details very well, such as tracking their progress.

Hope this helps!


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Thanks for sharing, Zach!

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