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The course has only two videos

I wonder if someone can explain what does it mean when a student has viewed 100% but completed only 50%, or viewed 50% and completed 0% 



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Hey Rodrigo!

Happy to help.

If the student has completed 100% of the course but viewed a lower percentage, e.g. 50%

This means that the student completed the course previously and new content has since been added in. This is so that students who completed the course in the past do not lose their completed status if you make updates later. But, if you do want students to log back in and complete the new content, you can adjust their status by hitting the "Recalculate Completions" button whilst viewing the Progress report for your course (shown below).


If the student has viewed 50%, but completed less, e.g. 0%

For certain types of content, there's a difference between viewing and completing the lesson. For example, for quizzes and surveys they can be viewed, but they must also be filled out/passed before the lesson is marked and complete. You'll also want to make sure that students are using the "Next" button to progress through the lessons rather than just clicking on each lesson in the left hand navigation panel. They'll need to click the "Next" button in order for the lesson to be marked as "Completed".

I hope that makes sense! Happy to help if you have any further questions at all.



Thanks Catherine , it was a good explanation and now I understood what happened..


When I check my progress report, it says a non paying student has viewed more than amount of free content.  

Or does it mean they have just clicked onto the "pay for" content, but not seen the actual content.

Hi Carlin!

Yes, they can click on the paid lessons using the navigation menu on the left. However, on those lessons they will see a message saying that the content is only available after purchasing the course.

This way of looking at the data seems a little counter intuitive to me. I have to some how figure out how many modules I've released and which content requires completion, etc to understand the #s. 

I chose to drip my content - so it's not important to me how much they've viewed of the entire course. It would be more helpful to know what content they've viewed based on what they're allowed to view. 

Or to be able to select a view of completion by content piece per module. 

I would also love to be able to drill down per user and understand what they've viewed.

Hi Lara!

Thanks for the feedback. I will pass this on to our product team!

My course is video content only. What does it mean if a user shows up in the report as having viewed 100% but only completed 33% ?


Hi there

In these cases its possible that the student did not click the 'Next' button in the lower bottom right thus marking the lesson complete and jumped to another lesson in the curriculum. By doing that they have 'viewed the video 100%' but not marked it complete hence the discrephancy.

We have recently modified the Video lesson though that once it reaches the end it will automatically mark the lesson complete and not require clicking the Next button.

However for past students they would still need to mark the lesson as complete if they go back to the lesson itself.

Hope that helps!

is there a way to remind them that the lesson is not competed - ie make them hit the NEXT button before they can move on?


Hi Elly!

There isn't a way to remind them, but I'd recommend including some information at the beginning of the course about that - you could even use this video.

If you're offering a completion certificate with your course, then students will need to mark every lesson as complete before they can claim that so that's another way of encouraging them to mark lessons complete.

I hope that helps. Happy to help if you have any further questions at all.