Can i link my custom thank you page as a purchase confirnation?

I have a thank you page from leadpages and I would like people be directed to it after they purchase the course. How do I do that?

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Hi James

That would be an Interstitial page that appears in between lessons and such and right now, it is not possible to modify this however we are actively looking at changes to this feature to provide some flexibility!

Hi, when a student makes a purchase using their mobile they get this page. Is there away to change this? It's causing confusion for my users:



Hi Nicole!

You can definitely do this. As Catherine mentioned earlier you can make this customization using the Theme Editor. You might need to be familiar with HTML and CSS in order to make the changes. 

Hope this helps!

Hi Angelina!

What you can do is insert your tracking code into the Order Tracking Code section under Advanced Settings. In this way you can track your conversions without having to customize your thank you page.

Hope this helps!

Is there a way that the Thank You page can be customized to include a live upcoming Webinar that will be conducted?


Nicole Hackett

How do I create a thank you page after payment information to had to track for conversion tracking through email marketing?

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Hi Patricia!

No need to create a thank you page for that, we've got you covered :)

Here's how to add the Facebook tracking pixel to your site for tracking conversions.

If you follow those instructions you'll be all set! But please don't hesitate to get in touch if you get stuck at any point.



Hi Catherine,

How can I create a thank you page after the client fill the credit card details, so that I can add a Facebook Pixel into it, to track my facebook ad performance?


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Hi Mike,

You can customise the HTML of your checkout page using our Themes feature, so you should be able to make it match your Wordpress site pretty closely.

Alternatively, our newly updated Zapier integration allows you to take payment via external checkout systems. So if you need more flexibility over your checkout process that could be a great option for you! More on that here.



Hi Catherine, this could be useful to be able to change the TY page depending on a special promo we're doing at the moment (i.e webinar coming, presell a course,...) I know you can do some with the upsell, but if I built my landing page on my WP site, I would like my TY page to have the same look. Or like Edyta said, for people using a platform like LP or else.  Is this feature is on your roadmap?

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Hi Edyta,

There isn't a way for students to be redirected to an external thank you page after checkout on Thinkific right now.

If you can please give some more information on what you need this thank you page for, I'm sure we can find a solution for you :)