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Is there any plan for integrating caption files into Thinkific to allow for ADA compliance?

I have numerous request for this but cannot figure out a way to do it. 


Hey Tom!

You are able to add captions to your videos on Thinkific. Right now it's a case of you sending over the caption files (in SRT format) and we add them to the videos for you. (Longer term we will be working on giving instructors the ability to do it for themselves)

Provided that you're on one of our paid plans, and that you have the SRT files generated, then we can usually add captions for you at no extra cost. Shoot us a note at customers@thinkific if you'd be interested in chatting about this further.




Two related questions:

1) Do you support multiple translations / languages? Can we provide multiple files?

2) How does it work for the user? Do they have control over turning these on and off / choosing the language?


Hey Hunter,

Happy to help!

To answer your questions:

1. We can support language options for captions. You'd just need to provide us with the SRT translation files for each language that you'd like to use.

2. The user will have the option of turning these captions on and off and, if there's multiple languages, they'll be able to choose which one they want.

If you'd be interested in getting a hand with this, you can reach us at It would be great if you could give us an estimate of how many videos you have overall and how many languages you'd be offering.



I am glad someone asked the question about CC. For now, instead uploading and embedding a video in the Thinkific player, an admin could link to Vimeo or YouTube player which has CC. Although it doesn't look as good on the Thinkific page. And if I have to embedd a Vimeo with code into a course, it doesn't show in the Course Contents as a video, but rather a Text.

I am glad to see your new Beta player...hope it can soon accept videos with CC or I can embed the SRT file.

Hi Fred!

I have good news for you - the ability to upload your own caption files is coming very soon! (We're testing it right now)

I'll post an update in this thread once it's live :)



That is good news...thanks.


Are you able to support multiple languages?
For example, with the same video, a user is able to select language A or B.


Hi Ash!

Yes, absolutely! You are able to add multiple caption files to the same video :)



HI Catherine is this feature ready yet or are we still sending them to you?

Hi Andy!

Yes, this feature is available! You can take a look at this article for more info:

Hope this helps!

Hy, guys.

I'm having problems to upload my .srt file. Although i've followed all the steps to make the files in the correct form, i get error message all the times when i try to upload it.

Also, is it possible to have control in the subtitles colors and font? 


Hi there!

I just tested out adding an SRT file to one of your videos and it worked for me. Please can you send over a screenshot of the error message that you're getting, and let us know which operating system and browser you're using? Also, if you try using a different browser or an incognito window does that make a difference?

At this point in time, it's not possible to customize the colours and font of the subtitles. If you need more control over this, then I would recommend adding your captions to the video before uploading to Thinkific.



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