Is there a way to download my entire course or backup my content?

Is there a way to download my entire course or backup my content? Is this possible? It would really be helpful.

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Hi Bola!

We don't offer a "bulk download" feature right now, but you can download your videos, PDFs from Thinkific later if you need to. I'd recommend keeping copies of your files locally (or on the cloud) as well as on Thinkific, as that makes it easier to make updates later (and just in case somebody working on your site accidentally deleted anything!)

I hope that helps, but if you can send over some more info on what you're looking for here we'll be happy to advise of the best solution :)



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Most LMS we have used at my university make it possible for the instructor to personally backup his/her course(s). Having my assets on my personal drive is important, yes. I hope you guys eventually offer a course build being able to be backed up or archived.





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Hi Fred,

That's definitely a great idea! If you'd like to submit that directly to our product team for consideration in future development, you can head to this page to do that :)



Catherine hi,

How do I download my videos?



Hi Andy!

If you select to make your video lesson downloadable, then you will be able to preview it as a student and then download the file.


To make life easier for yourself when you want to make updates, edits, etc I would also recommend keeping copies of your files locally or on Google Drive/Dropbox, as well as on Thinkific.

I hope that helps!



Hi Catherine, 

same here, I would find it also very useful if there would be a feature that allows the course creator to back-up:
(1) a particular course
(2) several selected courses
(3) all courses
(4) maybe other coupon setting
(5)  or the user details/contact details etc. (I didn't check if there is a feature for that)   
to a local computer, a flash-drive, google drive, the cloud etc.and then 

possibly upload the course or courses either to 

(a) a different Thinkific Account (e.g. if various instructors have their own Thinkfic accounts want to share - course templates or course snippets etc.)
(b) my own account again later.  


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Hi Martin!

Thanks so much for the feedback. You can send this request directly to our product team through this link: 


I also agree with "the nice to have" possibility of downloading our course. I started building my courses directly into the platform but I guess I will change my approach until...  

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In the case where courses are migrated, along with attrition, it would be great to have the ability to download courses and content for admin users. Many times multiple users create content, and it is difficult to retain all source files. Our expectation that anything loaded into Thinkific should be readily available for download in case corrections are needed, source files are damaged or misplaced, etc.



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I have also had client requests to download the entire class in one go, as opposed to having to do each video separately.

This would make it much easier for them.

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