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what is the best (and least expensive) video creating programmes for thinkific

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Hi Andrew!

It depends on specifically what you're looking for, but we recommend Camtasia and Screenflow (Mac only) as some great programs for creating engaging screen recordings and videos for your students. For least expensive - most computers generally come with a video-editing software pre-installed so that could be an option.


There's lots of articles about creating videos on our blog, so I'd definitely check those out.

Happy to help if you have any questions at all!




As a pro video guy, maybe I can help with a bit more info from you, such as:
  • what is your course subject matter? I ask because some subjects are best suited to different video making techniques.
  • do you need animation, "live" video (which means, video footage), or do you want to create a video using PowerPoint type slides?
  • do you or your instructor intend to be on camera?

Anything else you can think of will help.



I want to use power point slides and animated gifs.

Hi Max!

The best way to use powerpoint slides and animations within your videos would be to make your presentations in Powerpoint or Keynote. You can then use screen recording software, e.g. Screenflow or Camtasia, to record your visuals with your audio over the top.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any further questions at all.



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