How do I create an affiliate sign-up page?

Is there a way to create a form that will allow new users to sign up as affiliates?

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Hi Tamara!

We don't *quite* offer this feature right now, but I think I have a solution for you - 

You are able to add custom sign up fields to your site, so you could add one for, e.g. "Would you like to be an affiliate (Y/N)".

Then, for any users who say "Yes" it's simply a case of editing their user profile and checking the box for "Affiliate".

Hopefully this works for you, but if not just let me know and we can come up with something else :)



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Hmm ok. It would be better if it was a separate form or at least a radio button for the yes/no selection.

Hi Tamara!

It sure can be! You could include the sign-up form as a survey lesson - perhaps at the end of your course? Or you could use an external survey tool for that - e.g. Typeform.

We can also looking into making this built-in in future. You're able to go here to submit your request directly to our product team:

And for now, just let us know your ideal flow for this and we can take it from there! The best way to reach us is for these kinds of question is at



Ideally I would like for users to be able to sign up as affiliates through their user profiles (more as a referral program but the idea is the same).

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Hi Tamara,

I can definitely understand your need for this! I don't have an ETA for you on when that will be available right now, but I'll be sure to pass this request onto our product team for consideration in future development :)



How do you add a user in order to create an affiliate program?

Hi Shannon,

You can add a new user to your site from the Users page of your admin dashboard - you can follow the instructions in this article for that:



Hi Is there any update on better management of the affiliate feature. I want to have a membership bundle where everyone can be an affiliate and help me grow the membership. From the marketing point of view it would be one of the most important featured to have. I would definitely vote for adding an affiliate sign up option to the user account.

Hi Juliette!

Thank you for your feedback here and there are no updates just yet regarding Affiliates but is still something we will be taking a look at over the next few months to determine the best ways to improve upon the feature! Keep an eye out and we will have some great other features coming soon!