Drip schedule question: Will students receive email notifications when content becomes available?

 I was wondering if students will receive an email notification that new content is available when it is released using a drip schedule.  For example, if Chapter 2 is available 3 days after sign up according to the drip schedule, will the student be notified of that via email?  If not, how will they know when new content is available?

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Hi Tamara!

They don't right now, but we have some suggestions of how to handle notifying your students of new content in this post:



Thanks this was helpful. I noticed that my course welcome emails are not being sent, but i have the box checked to send an welcome email for the course.

Hi Tamara,

If you can send a support ticket over to the team, they'll be able to look into that for you. You can reach them at As much info as you can give them in the email (e.g. specific students this has affected) will help.



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