How do I get an URL to the confirmation page after a student made a purchase?

I want to set up  a custom conversion from Facebook ads  and I need a link to the confirmation page when a student pays for the course so Facebook can track my sales. But I can't find the way to do it. Is it even possible? Or, if not, can I somehow link my custom thank you page to thinkific?

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Hi Edyta!

You don't actually need to do that to track conversions - if you install the base pixel code under Integrations on your admin dashboard, that will all be set up for you.

Find the full details here.



I'm also needing this information for Google Analytics.  I'm trying to set up a goal and Google needs the URL for the thank you page after a client signs up.

Hi Jan!

The url for the thank you page will usually start with so you can use this to set up your goal. Another option would be to us the url to the first lesson of the course and typically this is the next page that students visit after purchasing the course. 

Hope this helps!

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Hi Oliver, just checking trying this out for my website, but trying out the URL spits out a 404 page. 

Is this /orders/thankyou still the correct URL to put into Google analytics for tracking?


Hi Oz,

A unique url is created for each order that is processed successful so there's not a specific page under When you set up your tracking goal on Google Analytics you can use the option starts with or contains so that google will track any url that contains