How do instructors "instruct" a course?

How do my instructors teach the courses? They are not receiving any notifications when a question is asked in the discussion section. I am failing to understand what role my instructors are having in the online course. Why are they there if they cannot instruct the class?

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Hi Julia!

Instructors, as created on the Instructors page of your admin dashboard, are really just profiles to be listed on the course landing page.

We do also have the course admins feature, which allows you to give permission to a user to edit your course and view student progress.

Re discussions. The best way to have your course admins participate is for them to preview the course as a student. They'll then be able to post discussion topics in there and then be notified whenever a new response is made.

If you have any questions about this, feel free to get in touch with the support team from this page.



Does that mean that if my course is a paid one, the "instructor" will have to pay to be enrolled as part of the course, or can you circumvent that with an Essentials package? Why not allow an instructor to at least be able to modify/edit and upload his own content, respond to discussions and questions etc. This model puts a lot of burden on Course and Site Admins.


It sounds like what you need is our Course Admins feature, which allows users to log in and upload content to/edit a particular course.

A Course Admin can preview a course in the same way as a Site Admin, so they wouldn't need to be enrolled in the course. They can simply preview the course as a student to respond to Discussion questions.

If you have any further questions about this, just let us know.



I have over 30 courses with different instructors that need access to making changes to the course and answering students questions.

Is course admin the only way to do this? If so, will I be able to add that many course admins?

Also, if I have multiple instructors for a single course how does this work?

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Hi Josiah,

On the Business plan you can have up to 3 Course Admins, and on the Advanced plan you can have up to 10. However, we are flexible and can offer special pricing for additional Course Admins on top of that. If you'd be interested in a quote for that, then please email our Sales team at

It's one Instructor bio per course, but there is a workaround for having multiple instructors appear on the landing page. More on that here.



Does your system have instructor-led calendars for events?

Hi Jim!

Can you provide a little more detail/examples of what you're looking for here? We'll be happy to discuss options with you.



Hello, so what do I need to do to make this scenario happen.

I would like to setup an instructor that is able to upload their own content and manage their own course and interact with the students. The sales from that instructors course should go 50% to me and 50% to the instructor. Is that possible?

Hi Nikolay!

What you can do is set the instructor's account as both course admin and product payee. In this way they are able to edit the course content and also be able to get a share of the revenue whenever a student purchases the course.

Hope this helps!

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