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Hello there We are creating a course that we want schools to buy, so that multiple students in the school can take the course. So I wondered A) is it possible to sell to a school and have individual students sign up within the school's subscription B) can the logins be restricted by IP Address so that each login only works on the school site? Ie while purchasing and registering, the school provides its IP address and the login only works for this IP address. This would be to prevent schools from sharing logins. C) can logins be restricted by email domain, so that only users with domain name "" could sign up under their school's subscription D) how much ability is there for a developer to add features to courses etc?

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Hi there!

Thanks for your post. 

We don't limit logins to specific IP address/domains right now. This is intentional so that students can access content from multiple devices/locations - meaning that they have the flexibility to take the course wherever and whenever they choose.

We do have options for selling access to courses in bulk, though. Check out this article for the best ways to handle that on Thinkific -

The HTML/CSS of your site pages are fully customizable using our Themes feature. And as part of the Advanced plan, you can also use our API to build your own features (here are our API docs for your reference).

If you have specific customizations that you'd like to make, please reach out to the support team using the HELP button on your admin dashboard. They'll be happy to discuss some options with you.



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