How do I hide the course curriculum section from my landing page? (Default Theme)

***NOTE - These instructions are specifically for customers using our older page layout, called "Default". If you're using a different Theme and need a hand with hiding your curriculum, please go here to start a new thread and we'll be happy to help!***

With a small change to your Theme code, you can hide the Course Curriculum section from your course landing page. Here's how:

Step 1 - Go to the Themes page, and click on My Themes in the top right corner:


Step 2 - On the next page, click the Edit HTML/CSS button:


Step 3 - In the Course Landing Pages folder, click on the Default Course Landing Page file. (Note: If you are using a different landing page layout, such as the Video Course Landing Page, you would need to select the one you're using here instead)


Step 4 - In the file, scroll down and look for the section that says "Display the course curriculum":


Step 5 - Copy the part on the right side of this text that says {% endcomment %}


Step 6 - Move the {% endcomment %} tag to the line below the </section> tag:


Step 7 - Click the File button in the top left and click Save


That's it! Now your course landing page should not display the Course Curriculum section.

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This worked with my first class, but I have 3 more I'm adding and it's not working at all on them.

Hey Stephanie!

The changes you need to make may depend on which theme you're using.

If you can send over some info to us at, we'll be happy to point you in the right direction :)



It's not working for me either

Hi Sandra!

If you can please send the details of the issue over to, our Support team will be able to give you a hand!



It's doesnt work for me either. I dont want the curriculum to show on the

I have a landing page and i set up the URL for 'Sign up' button to go straight to but when i click it it goes to the course landing page!

Please help.

Hi Lisa,

For the Sign Up button issue, you just need to use a different link - you can find the link you'd need to use using this article.

For the curriculum - it looks like you're currently using the curriculum-based landing page layout. I'd recommend switching to another Theme, and then if you need a hand removing the curriculum for that one, please start a new thread letting us know which Theme you chose and we'll get some instructions together for you :)



 Good morning,

When following these instruction I also received a syntax error. Please advise jcc-university.



Hi Janice!

Send us a message through and we can take a look for you!

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