Will using one of the new course landing page themes affect my active theme?

Context: We released a new Theme Library in October 2016. This is a collection of professionally designed page layouts that can be used as course landing pages. More info here

Installing one of the layouts from the Theme Library will not affect a previously active/customized theme. The new layout will be installed into the Course Landing Page Layouts folder of the active theme. So you can continue using the older layouts for some of your courses if you choose to.

That said, some of the snippets are different between the old and new layouts. For example, if you've customized the "course_landing_page_action_buttons" snippet, these changes will not be reflected in the new Mountain layout. This is because Mountain uses the snippet "mountain-1-6-1v1-0-0_course_landing_page_action_buttons" instead.

You'll be able to customize these new snippets in your theme once the layout has been installed.

@Jill Morton - This should answer your questions from this thread: Just to be clear - this means that you will need to recustomize the "Free Trial" button if you switch to one of the new landing page layouts from the Theme Library.

I have some courses in Thinkific already. I want to "Upgrade" them 1 course at a time. Is it possible to create a "New" blank course in one of the New templates and copy over the course without losing the original course?

Hi Patrick!

If you're looking to switch a course to a different theme, you can do this at anytime and can switch back as well. The actual course content will not be affected. This only changes the design of the course landing page. This is if you are still staying within V1 themes. 

If you're thinking about upgrading to V2 themes, this will affect your entire site (all pages and course landing pages). You can take a look at this article for more info:

Do the landing themes really cost upward of $5000 to use or is that just demo text?

Hi Vince!

Currently, all the themes are free. The demo is showing what the buy button would look like when set a price on your course. 

Where are the themes that show in Aaron's training videos?  He references a theme library, but I can only see 3 themes and they don't appear to be page themes, but they're certainly not universal themes applied to all pages & courses to produce a unified look.  Also, when I create a course and go to the course builder page, I do not see anything that says "page design" or "page theme" as indicated in the training video.  This is the same type of problem I ran into when I tried to use Thinkific to create courses before.  Very frustrating.  What I'd like to do is wipe everything clean and start all over again as a brand new customer, but I have a premium account, so can't really do that.  I keep watching these "how to" videos and I can't find the stuff they're talking about, like Aaron keeps referring to the "design" tab on the dashboard, but I don't have a design tab.  Just a branding tab, which is also VERY confusing.  I have tried changing banner, primary, secondary, tertiary, and footer background, text, and button colors and nothing seems to match what I've changed, so now my site looks all jacked up.

I gave Thinkific a second shot and it seemed like you guys have made some improvements that I thought might make it easier for a non-developer like myself to design (change colors, images, fonts...just the simple stuff), but it seems I was mistaken.  You guys are all so used to operating in wordpress mode, you don't seem to understand that some of us don't speak that language.  I need plain english and something that will actually walk me through everything step by step.  What am I supposed to do when I follow along with Aaron's videos and I don't have the same tabs, themes, and capabilities that he's referencing???

Please help!

Hi Gwen

Sorry that you have some frustrations here and unfortunately we have not managed to update all of our videos to the new Themes version 2 which when applied provide for the Page Builder. However specifically in your case, you are using a custom theme that when published may not take into account the settings under the Branding options. Understandably this can be very frustrating and if you do wish to continue with the custom theme its important to involve the customizer to make sure it is completed to how you wish.