How do I duplicate a content?


I wish to have a survey at the beginning of a chapter, and the same survey at the end. Can I just copy and paste this specific content?



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ALso would love to duplicate course landing pages to use the same powerful custom template I made for my other courses...


We don't have the ability to copy a survey between courses at this point in time, so I'd recommend making a course "template" with the survey that you can then copy any time you make a new course.

Happy to help if you have any further questions at all!



Hi there, any updates as to the ability to copy a survey for another course?

Hi Cathy,

If you're asking about your Thinkific site then, when you copy the course, the new course will automatically show on your site once it's published. If you're asking about an external site, then yes you would need to link to your new course from your external site manually; e.g. using a Sales Widget.

By default, the copied course will be called "Copy of [Course Name]". To update that, you can go to the Basic Settings tab of the Course Builder and name it something different to the other course.

I hope that helps, and please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any further questions.



When I duplicate a whole course and then customize the new course, do I need a new snippet to add to my website?  Also, how would I name the duplicate course to differentiate it from the original course?

yes this feature would be useful!!

We definately need the option to copy surveys, quizes and other lessons too!


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I also find the ongoing need to duplicate content portions within a course to streamline course creation. This could also be accomplished by the ability to create content templates for your own courses in your user profile.   As seen above, this is also of great interest to others. 

When do you expect to have this feature available?

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replication of a individual content (section) could be very handy for increasing our efficiency in creating courses. Many sections of a course may have duplicate contents (or quite similar contents / formats). it is worth giving this feature.

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Hi Brandon!

Currently, we don't have a timeline for when we would implement this feature. We are actively working on other great features but can look into this in the future. You can check out this blog post on how we develop our features:

What is the timing on adding the feature of copying surveys / quizzes?

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Hi Joseph!

As we don't have a way to copy individual pieces of content right now, the best way to do that would be to duplicate the whole course and then customise the copied version to make the new one - delete lessons, add lessons, etc.

You can also create a quiz via CSV import, so you could set your quizzes up in there and simply import the questions whenever you make a new course that needs one of those quizzes.

Happy to help if you have any further questions at all.



 I created a standalone test module with multiple quizzes, and I am building a new module that will use those same quizzes, am I able to take the quiz sections and put them in a new course I am building?

Agree. Copying and pasting the same 6 questions and responses is tedious and ineffecient. 

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