error on one slide :(

I have an error on one slide, can I replace just one slide?

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Hi Sarah!

At this point in time, that isn't possible for the presentation lesson type. Apologies as I know that's not ideal.

Our presentation builder is intended as a way to quickly throw together slides and audio. If you're planning to use a large number of slides, where you may need to update them from time-to-time, you may want to consider using a more robust/flexible option.

For example, you can use screen recording software to record your screen with the slides, and then add your audio over the top.

Check out this post for some ideas for adding presentation content to your courses.

And happy to help if you have any further questions at all.




I'm checking to see if the above response is still the case?  I've had our SME record audio on every slide in a presentation and the content on just the last slide is incorrect and needs to be removed.  Is there anyway to do this without deleting all of his work?? 

Hi Katie!

Currently, you would have to reupload the presentation and record the audio. Another option besides those already mentioned by Catherine, would be to use separate audio lessons for each slide. This will let you swap out the audio or slide image more easily without having redo everything again.

Hope this helps!

So, I'm going to follow up on this same question since it's been 7 months since last addressed here.  Is there a way yet to swap out one slide within a multi-slide presentation?

Thank you!

Sorry Susan but we have not yet made such improvements to the Presentation Lesson. We do know this is a pain point amongst several with this type of lesson and we want to be both thorough and efficient in how we make changes here. We are looking into this as well as the overall student experience and hope to make some improvements in the next few months!

Thanks, Eric, for your prompt reply.  It seems like Thinkific is quite responsive to course creators' needs, so hopefully we'll see this in the near future.  I guess the other question is can you delete just one slide or do you have to take out the whole presentation?

Hi Susan

Edits still require to re-import the full PDF files themselves and do not allow for individual slide editing.

Checking in to see if this is still the case, as it has come up as an issue for us multiple times!

Sorry Nicola - there has been no new development here though we do feel the pain here!