How to change "Free Trial" to "Preview"

My customers are confused by "Free Trial" and I want to change it to "Preview." How do I do it? 

I posted this on your Facebook discussion group and Catherine said to post it here with a screen grab. See attached image.



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Hello Catherine,

Thanks for another speedy reply. Yes, I figured out that this was my active theme but I didn't want to mess with the code.

 My last question is: What part of the line you cited should I replace? Is it everything including both brackets at the beginning and end of the line? Or just the text inside the brackets. I don't want to mess things up, knowing how sensitive hand-editing is.


Hi Catherine,

That worked! Thanks for bearing with me. I know from experience that deleting the wrong line of code can wreak havoc and I wanted to be absolutely sure that I didn't screw it all up. Btw, I searched all over for a SAVE button after editing the snippet and eventually found it in the pull-down menu under File. Huge thanks, once again.


Two  last questions! 

First, it looks like my "Active Theme" applies to all my courses. Just wondering if there's a way to use a newer theme for a different course? Second,  If I change my Active Theme to one of the newer themes for the course landing page, do I have to find the snippet and edit it again to replace "Free Trial" with "Preview"? Thanks again for your great support!

Hi Jill,

I've responded to your last new questions in a new thread to keep this one on topic. Here's a link to that thread:



Got it! Thanks again for all the support.

See attached. I changed the "Free Trial" to "Preview". Thanks for that. Now, what about changing the "Buy" text? 

(113 KB)

Hey Aaron!

You can the solution to changing the buy button text here:

Let me know if you need any extra help here.

- Aaron

I tried to change the Free Trial button to View Syllabus, following the directions provided above and nothing happens. I've gone back and checked the line in the Snippet to see if the change was saved and it is, but my next text is not showing up.

Can you help me with this?

Hi there!

Sure, happy to help -

I checked out your site and it looks like you're currently using the Mountain Branded theme.

To change the landing page buttons for the Mountain theme, you need to go to a slightly different place -  the snippet will be called something like:

Snippets > mountain-branded...[theme version no]...course_landing_page_action_buttons

Find this line in the snippet:

     {{ 'liquid.partials.course_landing_page_action_buttons.link_free_trial' | translate }}

Make your changes as you did before and save them.

The buttons should now be updated!

Please let us know if that helps.



Hi Jill!

Happy to help.

You can change what the button for "Free Trial" says in your theme under Snippets > course_landing_page_action_buttons

Replace the line shown in the screenshot below with your chosen text: 


E.g. here's an example where I've changed it to say Preview:


Once you've saved your changes (hit File > Save) and enabled your theme, the Free Trial button will now display your customized text:



How can I do this for the Icecream theme? I can't seem to get it to work!



Hi Catherine,

I also want to change "Free Trial" to "Preview" in the new Empire theme v1.1.0, yet the code and pages have changed since this original post, so I'm not able to follow your instructions above. Could you please provide updated instructions? 

Thanks in advance!


Hi Suraya!

We would love to help out and it might be best to send us a ticket directly so we can look specifically at what might not be working for you! We will also want to take a look at your site to see what changes you may have made to help out! Would that work for you?

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