Is it possible to create new sections for my landing pages?

I wish to add some extra sections to my course landing page. So after 'course description' there are some other information sections like 'What you will gain' and 'Who is the course suitable for'. As I can't add additional WYSIWYG boxes to the course creation page I though a good way to do this might be to use custom pages and then pull the content from these via my theme template so I can control the page formatting. Would this be possible and if so, how would I be able to do this? I have been testing this using the 'include' tag but I haven't managed to make it work.

Hope that makes sense and thanks for your help.

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Hi Arlene!

You may be able to do something for that using Themes, but you don't really need to!

The WYSIWYG editor for the Course Description field is free text and you can add as much content in there as you need to.

I'd recommend simply splitting your course description into sections by adding headings, line rules, etc.

E.g. check out this page for an example of a long-form sales page, all built using the Course Description field -

I hope that helps!



Hi Catherine,

Thanks for your reply. The example page you linked to was a very useful reference. In my theme I have created a side column so I was looking for a way to pull content into that section without having to hard code it in. But if there isn’t a way to do this then I can do.

Many thanks,


Hi Arlene!

There may be a way to do this by creating new snippets in your theme (using Snippets > Add new snippets)

If the content for that section will be the same across all pages then that may work for you :)

Please let us know how you get on!



To piggy back on this was the gray box with white text added?  Is this formatting/editing within Thinkific or an image that was created elsewhere and added as an image?



Hi Erica!

You're not piggy-backing at all - all contributions welcome :)

To change the colour of the background, like you saw on Lisa's page, you can use the button for the Course Description editor called "Back colour" (shown below).




How can I add a section for prices at the top of Default Landing Page template?  I like this template except the prices are at the very bottom and I would like them at the top and bottom.


Hi Patricia!

We have some instructions for adding extra buy buttons to the default landing page template here:

It does require a little bit of savvy with HTML/CSS, so if you'd rather avoid that I'd check out some of the other Themes where the pricing is at the top - e.g. Metro, Icecream, Snow.

If you have any questions about this at all, please don't hesitate to get in touch.



I've got a custom landing page here which lists all of my courses. But the look and feel of the page is completely different from the rest of my web site. I'd like at least to add some graphic elements and introductory description/promo above the courses. How do I do that? Only by coding in WordPress or HTML?

Hi Mike,

We are working on adding more customization to the site landing page. For now, if you're handy with HTML/CSS then you could do make changes to the site landing page using our Themes builder.

Or, you could use Wordpress for your site landing page and simply link to each course landing page, or even direct to checkout for a course, from there.

Feel free to get in touch with us directly if you have any further questions at all :)

Many thanks,


Is there a tutorial or even someone for hire who can help w/ simple edits such as:

- price strike-through for main page to show sale (i.e. $47 $27)

- move the price to the bottom of the course card instead of the top right

- add additional content to the main page - not much, but a testimonial or two would be perfect

Thank you - not sure if anyone monitors this still so I may post in another way. - Evan