I'm using a Typeform in my course, can I pass the user's name and email as a hidden field?

Note: This solution only currently works for users using our pre-V2 course player. If you have any questions about this at all, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

If you're using a Typeform within your course as a multimedia lesson, you're able to pass the user's name and email over to Typeform as a hidden field.

Step 1. Follow these instructions to set up your hidden fields on Typeform.

Step 2. On Thinkific, you'll need to paste the following script under Advanced Settings > Site Footer Code:

    $(function() {
        if(typeof(CoursePlayer) !== 'undefined') {
                ready: function() {
                    var IframeRoute = this.__container__.lookupFactory("route:iframe")
                    IframeRoute.reopen( {
                        setupController: function(controller, model) {
                            this._super(controller, model);
                            var src = model.get("contentable.source_url");
                            if(src && src.indexOf("typeform") != -1) {
                                model.set("contentable.source_url", src + "?email=" + encodeURIComponent( + 
                                    "&name=" + encodeURIComponent(Thinkific.current_user.full_name));


Step 3. When creating your Multimedia lesson, use the standard URL for sharing.

USE https://tutorials .typeform .com/to/nzthWI


NOT https://tutorials .typeform. com/to/nzthWI?name=xxxxx&email=xxxxx 

(The script will add the part shown in red to the URL for you)

And that's it! When users take your Typeform on Thinkific, their name and email will be captured without you needing to ask them.

***This is a generic script for passing the user email and name variables into an iframe. It works for other things besides Typeform, so give it a try. And if you find a novel use for it, please share it below!***

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Hi Catherine, 

This is a great feature!  I tried to get this to work and have followed these steps:

1. Added the JS to the footer in Thinkific

2. Created my typeform including two hidden fields: email and name

3. Created the multimedia lesson and used the new typeform URL without the name/value pairs.

In debugging the screen with Chrome i see the footer JS but the email and name do not get copied over into the typeform results.

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Hi Greg!

Are you using our V2 course player? This script was originally written for the older version of the course player, so if you switch to that version you should see it working.

For getting it working in V2, we are looking into some options for that so please bear with us!

Happy to help if you have any further questions at all,



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Hey Catherine, any update on getting this working for V2? Or workaround? Thanks in advance! 

:) Leanna

Hi Leana!

This is still on our to-do list but don't have a timeline for this yet.  I will give the product team a nudge to look into this again!


Hi Catherine,

Is it possible to pass the user's name and email to Typeform if the Typeform is not embedded in my Thinkifuc course?

ie. I'd provide a hyperlink to a Typeform which is outside the course.


Hi Amos!

We're not able to pass the information if you provide the link instead of embedding into a multimedia lesson. We're currently looking to bring back this feature on the updated course player so you might be able to use this method again!


How do we revert to a v1 theme to ensure this works?

Hi there!

You can head into your Basic Settings page on your admin dashboard. You can then scroll to the bottom of the page and uncheck the box next to Updated Course Player.

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