How can I change the number of courses that shows on my course site's landing page?

By default, Thinkific course sites display up to 6 courses on your course site's landing page:


If you want to change how many of these course cards appear on the page, here's how:

In your Admin Dashboard go to Themes.


In your Themes page, select the My Themes button.


On your Active Theme, select Edit HTML/CSS.


In the theme editor, select Snippets in the document tree on the left.


Find the products_card_list snippet and select it.


Change the number after paginate.product_cards by.


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Steps are very clear, just missing one step add the end; click on (File) on the top menu of the theme and choose (Save) in order to save the changes you made


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I assume it would be somewhere in here that I would change the order of the classes? (Right now the newest classes are at the bottom, I'd like them to show at the top.)


Hi Jesica!

Exactly where you need to make the change depends on which page you're looking to reorder - e.g. the student dashboard, the site landing page, etc.

If you can please start a new thread with the details, I'll be happy to get some instructions together for you :)



Just started a new thread. Tried to find it so I could post the link to you here, but couldn't find it once submitted. Hope it is there!



Is it possible to do the same thing on the student dashboard page, so it shows a higher number of courses?

Hi Sarah!

Yes, you can. Send us a message here and we can point you in the right direction.