Stripe isn't supported in my country, how can I accept payments?

If Stripe isn't supported in your country, there are a few other options for accepting payments:

1. You can apply to use Stripe Atlas which enables entrepreneurs to incorporate a U.S. entity so that they can accept payments through Stripe. To find out if Stripe Atlas is right for you explore the FAQ. Please note that in order to process subscription or payment plan price types in through your Thinkific website's checkout, you must be integrated with Stripe.

2. You can integrate with PayPal on any Thinkific plan. For detailed instructions on connecting a Paypal account click here

3. You can accept payments outside of Thinkific and then either a) manually enrol students to courses,  b) issue coupon codes to students, or c) make courses hidden and supply students with the course link. 

4. On our Pro plan plus Growth Package, you can link another payment gateway with your site via Zapier.

5. On our Pro plan plus Growth Package, you can integrate your Thinkific site with a payment gateway of your choice using our API.

*For a full list of Stripe's supported countries click here.

*To be notified when Stripe is supported in your country sign up here

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Hi Yusuf!

Currently, we do not directly integrate with Payoneer. However, you can still take payment through Payoneer and then use options 3-5 that Veronica outlined at the beginning of this post. 

Thank you Oliver Chen, I applied Stripe and  I am creating my entity.

Is stripe available in India? heard its part of beta release in india. is there a  way to get registered for it?

You can sign up here to stay updated about the beta for India.

Here in Brazil, Paypal and Stripe are not popular because they do not accept the main forms of payment that we use. I suggest reading this article:


That said, is there any way to integrate payments with other players in the market? Here in Brazil we have several companies that deal with payments, the two largest are PagSeguro and Moip.

The Thinkific and Teachable course platforms are much better than the ones we have here. I've tested a lot, but unfortunately whenever I get into the payments part, I encounter the same problems with any other company outside Brazil.

Hey Ivo!

Thanks for sending over that article! Whilst Stripe and PayPal are the only payment gateways that we integrate with directly right now, you might also be able to integrate with a gateway that works for you via Zapier. I'd recommend searching Zapier's list of apps to see if they have some that work well in Brazil.

Alternatively, if you have a developer on-staff, then you do also have the option of integrating with a payment gateway of your choice via our API

Happy to help if you have any further questions at all.



I need to have an online course that is a part of a training program to give only the theoretical part of it via online presentations.
So, I need to register students by myself and prevent non-enrolled from registering to the online course.
How can this work in the starter or essentials plans?

Hi Abdelhamid

Sorry that Stripe is not yet supported. If you are not able to sign up for the Business plan, then with the Essentials plan at least, you would be able to manually enrol students once they have paid in a 3rd party system. Beyond that and on the starter plan, you would need to set the courses to 'Free' and provide instructions on registering but that payment is not being collected during that process and how that is ultimately collected.

Hi Moosa,

I’ve been using 2Checkout for over a year now and it’s hands down the best payment gateway for Pakistani users.


Once your application is approved, you can easily link your Payoneer card to 2Checkout and receive weekly payments.


I’ve done a detailed post on ‘how to use Shopify in Pakistan’ on my blog, check it out.


To your success,

Shaheryar Saleem

Hi Team,

I would Like to know if 2CHECKOUT payment method is integrated with your 'starter plan' ,Since STRIPE  is still not available in my country and  2CHECKOUT is?

Hi Kiran

The only native integrated payment solutions are Stripe and PayPal. You may want to see if 2Checkout integrates with a shopping cart system that is supported by Zapier and then you would be able to automate payments and registrations in Thinkific