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HI There,

I am Australian based and am creating a course for Australians - can I charge in Australian dollars in stripe or paypal (Open to which would be best)

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Hey Kylie!

PayPal is USD only right now, but if you link a Stripe account to your site you will be able to charge in Australian dollars :)

We will be working on making other currencies available for PayPal but we recommend Stripe as the best option, as we've found far higher conversion rates for instructors using Stripe (or Stripe and PayPal) rather than just PayPal.

I hope that helps!




I have now linked a Stripe account based on your above information regarding making sales in Australian dollars.  I have set the currency in Stripe in the Integrations section to AUD.  I also have a Paypal account linked.  Will the course price I have set be charged as Australian dollars at the amount I have entered now?  You don't seem to have any information in the help about setting currencies and the is nothing in the Pricing section under My Course that indicates what currency the pricing is in either.


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Hi Kerrin,

Now you have a Stripe account linked you'll be able to change the currency of your site to AUD. Payments via both Stripe and PayPal will then be processed in AUD.

I hope that helps, but feel free to get in touch with the support team if you have any further questions at all.



My issue is that I need to charge in CAD, but I need to collect GST/HST by province. Stripe will do the first.  Pay pal the second. But neither will do both! :(

Hi Doug!

In that case, I'd definitely recommend using Stripe to collect your payments. For information on collecting taxes on Thinkific, check out this article -



Hi Catherine, 

I just set up the course, and i want to use Paypal, since Stripe is not available in my country. I assumed Paypal would accept other currencies, is this not correct yet?

I'm interested in charging peruvian soles. 

Hi Natalie,

Right now our PayPal integration is USD only (unless you're also using Stripe). We're aware that this isn't ideal and so it's something we'll be working on this year - although I don't have an ETA for you right now.

You do still have some options for taking payment for your courses, though - check out this article for more info:

And let us know if you have any questions.



Hi, I am in Brazil and Stripe is not available here yet...

So this means I can only take payment in US Dollars with Paypal? I only found out about that now that my course is ready to launch, this is kind of a bummer...

Also, I tried to make a purchase and firefox said that the website is not reliable and the information can be compromised. This will certainly affect the sales, is there a way of having a https://?

My URL is:

Looking forward to receiving your reply.

Best, Paulo

Hi Paulo,

Sorry to hear about the surprise with the currency - as you're in Brazil, where Stripe is in Beta, you may still be able to get an account with them. We do have some customers charging for their courses in Real right now.

You do also have some other options than Stripe/PayPal - more on that here.

For the security warning, it may because you're using an http link. If you're using a URL then your site is covered by Thinkific's SSL certificate. If you visit then you'll see the little green padlock for SSL.

There's also some big improvements coming to SSL for all of our customers - more on that here.

If you have any further questions at all, then just let us know. You can go here to get in touch with the team directly.



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