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How can I change the size of the site logo? It seems as though it is being restricted to 25px high, is this true? My site is at - I read all the instructions, but nothing in them refers to this. Is there a standard or suggested size for the logo?


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Hi Brian!

We do set a limit on the height of your logo in the header. This is intentional because, without that limit, if somebody was to upload an image that was very tall it would stretch out the header and make that also very tall, which would look pretty strange!

That said, I do have some tips for maximizing the size of your logo:

1. Make sure that the image is cropped as tightly as possible (i.e. so that there's no empty space around the edges).

2. Use an image that is wide rather than tall - there's no limit on the width of the logo image, so you can increase the visibility of your logo by using a wide, rectangular-shaped image. Make sure the image is at least 100px tall for best results.

For example, here's the header of my own Thinkific site, with no customizations made - I simply put the text alongside the icon and made it as tall as possible in order to maximize the visibility of the text.

I hope this helps, but let me know if you have any further questions!




We have adjusted our logo to only have a height of 35px ... but when we upload its like it gets shrunk to half the height?

Please help.


Hi Sam,

Ah yes, I see what you mean. For best results we also recommend uploading a logo image that's at least 100px high. We shrink the file down for the header for you, so that it displays at a max height of 35px. Sorry for any confusion there - I'll adjust my post above.

If you try again with the same image, but 100x tall (width doesn't matter) then it should look great :)

Please let me know how you get on with that!




I have tried 100x size and all I get it this tiny itty bitty logo. I'm at the point of giving up.

Please help. is my site and please see the photo below

Thank you,



Hi Olivia!

So I did some digging into this and it turns out there was an issue with some versions of our Themes (v1.71.-1.8.0) that was causing the logo to be very small.

I went ahead and upgraded you to version 1.8.1 and your logo is now looking great! I hope that helps :)



thank you so much...much appreciated..

Catherine - please update my themes too - or tell me where to do this?

Hi Sam,

Sorry, I should have put the instructions for you in this thread!

To update your Theme, visit Themes on your admin dashboard and hit My Themes in the top right corner.


On the next page, you'll see your active theme. If the version number is between 1.7.1-1.8.0, then that's the one with the "tiny logo" issue so you'll need to update it.

Note: This won't really affect anything unless you've made any HTML/CSS customizations (which cannot be carried over between Themes). You may need to reinstall your landing page layout(s), but that's nice and quick. Head to the main Themes page to do that.


To do that, hit Create New Theme at the bottom of the page.


Then find your new theme (version number 1.8.1 or higher) and hit Activate.


You'll now see that your Active Theme is the new one, and the tiny logo issue will be fixed :)



I updated my theme to 1.9.0, increased the size of my logo, but it's still 3/4 smaller than the original.  Can you help?



Hi Liza,

We do still set a maximum height for the logo so that the header doesn't have to stretch to fit the logo. So I think that's what's happening here as I can see that you have the image cropped nice and tightly.

If you have a version of the logo that's wide rather than tall - e.g. with the text next to the icon rather than over it - then you could try that out.

You could also customise your site theme to make the header taller, although that's not recommended unless you're familiar with HTML/CSS.

Feel free to get in touch directly if you have any further questions about this at all.

Many thanks,


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Hi, two questions... it is posible to up the size of header (and logo)? How do I do that? My logo is to small and I did all tips that you said. Thanks!

Hi there!

To increase the size of the logo, you can use our Theme Editor. Go to Themes>My Themes>Edit HTML/CSS. Then click on the Theme CSS file. Go to line 753 and you can change the max height to your preference:


Once you've made the change you can click on File>Save. This will increase the size of your logo and header to match it.

Hope this helps!

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Hi Dawn!

To change the size of the logo on V2 Horizon. You can head into Themes>My Themes>Edit HTML/CSS>Styles>base.scss Then change the number on line 853:


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Hello,   I am having the same problem.  The theme I am using is Horizon version 2.3.2.  I adjusted my logo to be 250 pix wide by 93 pix tall and it's still very small.  Any help you could provide would be appreciated.  

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