Add drip feed scheduling within bulk uploader

**Feature request**

I'd love to be able to edit the drip feed schedule from within the bulk uploader. At the moment I bulk upload THEN go to drip feed but it means that for a few moments the content is available.

Many thanks :)

Hi Kristy!

Thanks for the feature request - I'll pass it onto the product team for consideration! I'm just wondering whether I can help you come up with some workarounds for the meantime?

A couple of questions:

- Is the course published when you're bulk importing? (Unless it's published no-one will be able to see the content)

- What is it that you're bulk importing (what types of content, and how much of it), and are you doing it regularly?

If you can let me know those things, I'm sure we can come up with a solution :)



Hi Catherine,

Yes my course is published :)

I'm adding the content each week as I create it! The type of content is a series of videos, document (pdf), and a text box. 

I'm not doing this any more due to the course being finished but this is something I did during the duration of the course. 

Because I'm uploading the whole week's content in bulk (hence using the bulk uploader) it frustrated me that I then had to go into the drip scheduler rather than being able to set up the release date from within the bulk uploader.

Hope that makes sense and that you can address this in the future.


Hi Kristy!

It makes absolute sense, thanks for the extra info :)

For now, it's fairly unlikely that your students will be in your course whilst you're uploading the content (perhaps you can try to find the ideal time for that?) And even if they temporarily have access to the course before you set the drip date, once you've set one, they'll lose access to it again.

That said, I can definitely see why you'd want this option, and so I've flagged your request for the team :)



What if you want to offer the course at a specific time and date only then the next chapter the following week same time.  Can you do that?

Hi Nanette,

You can use the drip schedule feature to choose when the content in a course is released to the student. More info here: