How do I pre-launch my course?

Although completing your course content may seem like the most logical first step when getting started with teaching online, prelaunch marketing should be at the top of your to-do list for online course success.

The benefits of pre-launching are many, including that it allows you to:

  • Test the water to see if there's a market for your content and refine what that is.
  • Start capturing leads and building your email list ahead of your full course launch.
  • Gather feedback on your content, sales copy, etc. so that you can make improvements.

Here’s how to set up a pre-launch landing page for your course:

Step 1. Create your landing page

Once you’ve created your compelling sales copy (you can use this blog article to help you), build your landing page on Thinkific - here’s how.

Step 2. Add an email capture box

There are lots of email capture tools out there - check out this article for some recommendations for tools, and instructions on how to add them to your site.

Step 3. Remove the buy button

Unless you’re pre-selling your course as well as pre-launching it (instructions for pre-selling here), you’ll want to remove the buy button from your landing page. 

This can be done with a quick change using our Themes feature - head to Course Landing Pages > Default Course Landing Page in the theme and delete the line {% include "course_landing_page_action_buttons" %} from both places that it appears:

The top of the page (line 19 in the default theme) 

And the bottom of the page (line 109 in the default theme)

Once the theme has been saved and enabled the buttons will be gone.

Now you’re ready to share your pre-launch landing page with the world!

Any questions about this? Let us know below!

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Is it possible to remove the buy button from one pre-sale online course but keep this button on the second Course?

Hi Geneview!

You can set that particular course as private. This will hide the buttons but won't affect other courses on your site. 

The Theme customization page seems to be different on my end. I can't seem to find where I can remove the buttons now.

Hi Bitania!

It looks like you've set the course as "Private", so the buy button has been removed from the banner at the top of the page. To remove the other buy button from further down the page, you can do that directly from the Course Builder now:

From your admin dashboard, select Manage Learning Content > Courses and then choose to "Edit" your course.

From the Page Builder tab of the Course Builder, scroll down in the panel on the left to find "Pricing".

Select Pricing and then scroll down to see the option to "Delete section".

Once you've done that, the buy button will be gone from your landing page. (Be sure to save your changes!)



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