I added Paypal But Don't See it on Checkout

I know I added Paypal as a payment option in addition to stripe. When I go to my site to purchase a course, I only see a button for "pay with stripe" I don't see any options for paypal fans.

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Hi Dave!

You should be seeing the option to "Check Out with PayPal" at the bottom of the checkout page (as in the screenshot below).

It's worth noting that certain types of payment (payment plans, subscriptions) are only available via Stripe, so that may be one reason that you're not seeing the "Check Out with PayPal" option.

I hope that helps!



I added Stripe and I don't see it on my landing page.  Is there a separate check out page?

Thank you. 


Hi Sherry!

Yes, the checkout is on a separate page. Once a potential student clicks on the buy button, they are taken to create an account. Once the account is created they are taken to the checkout page.

Hope this helps!

Hi there, 

I don't see the buy button on my sales page. I signed up for Stripe and it's linked to my account.  Is there something I'm missing? 

Thank you. 


ps. Is there a customer service number?  What is the best way to get support for issues?    

Hi Sherry!

Have you published your course yet? The buy buttons will only appear after you have published the course. 

The best way to reach is by sending an email to or with this link and our support team will get back to you asap!



I have integrated PayPal with my site/courses. Students from USA could able to make the payment using PayPal. However, Students from India are not able to pay using PayPal. Transactions are going through. Any solution for this?



Please see the screenshot of the issue.

(27.1 KB)

Hi Muralidhar,

Send us a message here: and we can take a look for you.