Using Private & Hidden Courses to create a Branded Course

By using a combination of Thinkific features, it's quite easy to create a completely branded and private copy of any of your courses for a particular client.

The first step is to duplicate your course.  This allows you to copy all course contents into a new course with one click.

Then you can use our Private & Hidden course features (Business Plan and above) to make sure that course is only available to your intended audience.

Finally, you can customize the landing page of this new course.  This can be done using the Design & Details section (when you are editing the course).  Also, if you want to work directly with the HTML / CSS you can use our Themes feature.

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Even when I have "Private" courses, if I put them in a free bundle, it makes the courses that were private free as well. How can I make a bundle itself private without hiding it?

Hi Malarie!

Currently we don't have a way to set a bundle as private. You can definitely send this request to our product team through this link:

In the meantime, what you can do instead is create an additional page that lists all the courses that you want grouped together. In this way, students won't be able to sign up for it but can still see all the courses on one page. 

Hope this helps!


Although my bundle is published (it is hidden) the url is showing 404 page not found

i need this to work for private members and not be accessable to everyone

*urgent* were launching soon

Hi Jacci!

I tried out the links to your bundles and they are all working. If you're still having issues can you send us a message through this link:

We can then take deeper look into the issue


For the people I have already got signed up they have paid elsewhere. How do I keep the price on the course for new people but allow access to the people who have already paid? I think I've got myself all back to front!

Hi Emily,

You wouldn't have to use the private/hidden feature here. You can simply add the price to the course. Then for students that already paid somewhere else, you can issue a 100% off coupon code or manually enroll them into the course through the admin dashboard.