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Are there plans to add different types of questions for the quizzes? What I have seen in other e-learning platforms:

  1. True/False (I guess you can fake this one with the multiple choice feature)
  2. Multiple choice
  3. Long form (with quiz submission to a course manager for grading)
  4. Fill in the blanks/Matching
  5. Any type of questions that would include an image
  6. Drag and drop (ex: ranking)
Right now only 2 of the many types of questions would be available within Thinkific if I'm not mistaken. It would be amazing to have access to such features.



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Hi Claudia,

Thanks for the request - improvements to our quiz builder are definitely on our radar for the future so we'll be sure to bear your requests in mind when planning those changes!

As you mentioned, some of those questions types (True False, Multiple Choice) are already available. And some of the others (Fill in the Blanks, Matching, Image-based Questions) can be created - did you know that the fields for creating quiz questions and answers are WYSIWYG editors into which you can embed images, video, audio, and more?

Drag-and-drop and long-form questions aren't currently available, but if you can find a quiz builder that has what you're looking for you may well be able to use it within your Thinkific courses using our multimedia lesson type. (You can also collect long-form answers from students using the survey lesson type if you need to).

I hope this helps, and just let us know if you have any questions at all!



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Hi Catherine and Thinkific Team - Any update on this? I need a solution for long form answers after every lesson.

Hey Ash!

No ETA on this right now, but if you'd like to flag your request directly with the product team please go here:



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(From Catherine) - I responded to this in here:

@Catherine - do you have a public portal for open product requests that can be viewed and upvoted, etc?

(From Catherine) - I started a new thread on this one here:

  1. Is it possible to have a multiple choice quiz where the order of the questions change each time you take it?
  2. Is it possible to have a question bank that the quiz draws from? Example you have a quiz that is 25 questions long but it grabs the questions randomly from a quiz bank that has 45 questions in it?
  3. is it possible to have multiple choice quiz answers appear randomly?

Basically, i'm looking for something that mixes up the test experience for users who want to take it more than once.

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(From Catherine) - Hi Jaqueline! I think you'll find this thread useful :)

Hi Catherine,

I have a website (business catalyst) and wondering if your platform links to my website?  In other words I advertise courses on my website (face to face courses currently) that people sign up for on my site and pay via the e-commerce.  If I advertise the online courses on my site do they click right through to your platform or do they have to be re-directed?


How would I build a matching question? Thanks!

Hi Tonya!

Do you mind starting a new thread with some examples of what you're looking for?

I'll get some instructions together for you :)



Hello,  Can  i   set  up  questions where  students  imput  answers  into  an  empty  text  box - something  like  a  gap-fill  activity?  thanks Iain 

Hi Iain!

If you're looking to create fill in the blanks questions, you can use Typeform in a multimedia lesson! Typeform has more flexibility on the type of questions you can ask.

Hope this helps!



Hello  Oliver,

Thank  you  for  that.  i  will  have  a  good  look  at  it.  I  appreciate  your   help


Hi Oliver and Co,

Any updates on the quiz features and what's in the pipeline?

Hi Ash!

Sorry, we don't have an ETA for this but if you would like to make a request to our product team you can submit it through this link:



Hi everyone, 

as a language teacher, I was wondering if there was anyway to let the students record their answers to check their pronunciation and help them with their speaking skills (so maybe also give them some feedback with an audio answers).

Thanks so much !!!

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