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Is there a 'notes' feature which allows students to take notes while watching a lesson

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Hi Amit!

We don't offer this feature built-in at this point in time - in many cases, simple pen and paper is the best way for students to take notes, but if you need a more structured process for this you could always create a PDF workbook for students to download/print and fill out.

You could include your workbook within your course using our Download lesson type.

I hope that helps!



I would seriously consider a "scratchpad" for students to keep notes online and linked to each piece of content for context. And a way to print out or export each student's notes for the course. I'm surprised Thinkific doesn't have this. I am coming over from Learndash - transferring dozens of courses with thousands of students because I like your overall feature set and was growing out of the Wordpress clunkiness. Through a plugin, Learndash has note taking capabiity and was vert popular.

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Hi Ana!

You may well be able to integrate a notetaking platform with Thinkific using the multimedia lesson type. This lesson type allows you to embed external websites and content directly within your Thinkific course. 

If you have any examples of notetaking software that you'd like to use, then send over the details and we'll try it out for you!



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Does Thinkific integrate with

Hi Mark

Sorry no - there is no direct integration with - you would need to look into a shopping cart/eCommerce site that supports Zapier in order to work.

Thank you!

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