Mark Course as Complete Manually

 Is there a way to mark a course as complete manually? My course is a live session, and the course shouldn't be marked as complete until the person attends the live session. Is there a way for an admin to manually mark courses as complete, if need be?


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Hi Chellie!

Good question! We don't have a way for instructors to mark a course complete on behalf of the student at this point in time - are you looking for this because you want hold off on issuing course completion certificates until the live training has been completed?

If so, one option would be to not use the automated certificates feature and then simply manually send the student their certificate following the live training.

If that's not quite what you're looking for, then if you can give a little further info I'll see what I can come up with :)



Hi Catherine,

Right now we have an extensive manual process, and I'm looking to automate this process as much as possible.

One way I thought about was to give the students a 'code' at the end of training that they enter, but it would have to be validated as the 'correct code.' Of course there's no way to natively do it here - I might could use Multimedia - but I'm trying to figure out where it would go.

If you all had a "fill in the blank" quiz option, I could've used that.

Once they enter the correct code it would automatically go to complete, which is what we're trying to automate better in our process.

Does that help?



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Hi Chellie,

Thanks for that further info!

If the course is completely live, then the simplest thing may just be to keep a record of whether the student has completed the course or not outside of Thinkific (e.g. using a spreadsheet).

Alternatively, if you need to track everything directly from Thinkific, one option I can think of is to create a hidden course where you only give the student the link to it once you've completed the training session with them. Perhaps in the course you could include a feedback survey for them to take (just so that they have some kind of content in there to complete!). Then once they've completed the survey, that will mark them has having completed the live training.

I hope that helps, but if you still have questions please get in touch via the HELP page on your admin dashboard and we can discuss further.



I would like this facility as well, for a different reason. Is this likely to be available in the future?

Hi Helen!

Currently, we don't have immediate plans to implement this in the near future. However, I will definitely pass this on to our product team to consider for future updates.

I also would like this feature. Some students who have completed the course have not received completion status and I would like to correct manually. 

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Hi Jose!

You can use the progress reports to see if the students have actually completed all the lessons. If they did complete all the lessons then send us a message and we can take a look for you.

I need to review my students work before issuing their certificate. If I disable automated course completion certificates and enter them manually from the accredible dashboard, will I have to pay extra for the certificates?

Hi Matthew,

Yes the costs of certificates generated directly from Accredible's dashboard will need to be covered yourself. They do give you 25 free credits to try it out, though!

Happy to help if you have any further questions at all.



In monitoring the progress of one of my students, I noticed that she has a big difference in the percentage of content viewed versus completed. I would like to be able to manually mark her as completed in the individual modules as well. I do have a final quiz that they complete and I email a certificate of completion based on a score of 80% or more.

Hi Stephanie

As noted earlier in this forum post, it is not possible to manually adjust the completion for a student and you may want to to follow up with that student to remind them to make sure to click Next and officially complete the lesson as opposed to clicking to the next lesson in the curriculum. That way the progression will be more accurate.

Hope that helps!