Can I change the "View Course" CTA on my course cards?

Each of your published courses will be listed on your site landing page and all courses page as a course card. This course card includes a button that will take the visitor to the landing page for that specific course.

By default, the text on his button says "View Course".

But if you'd like to customize this, it can be done with a quick change to the HTML/CSS for your site using our themes feature. (Before getting started, be sure to read this article for an introduction to themes on Thinkific) 

1. From the Themes page select 'Edit HTML/CSS', and find the code for the course cards under Snippets >  course_card.

2. Then find the line for the View Course button shown below (line 53 in a standard theme).

3. By default, the 'View Course' text is added in using the variable {{ 'liquid.partials.course_card.link_landing_page' | translate }}

4. Replace this with the text of your choice; e.g. in the example below I've changed it to just say 'View'.

5. Once your theme has been saved and enabled, you'll see your changes reflected on your site!

How do I change the theme applied to my site landing page?  I can change it for courses, but no matter how I hold my tongue & cross my eyes, I can't change it on the site landing page. 

I can't write code, so please don't ask me to do that!


Hi Connie!

We don't offer different site landing page themes at this point in time, but you'll be pleased to know that it's something that we're actively working on.

We'd love your input on what you're looking for in a site landing page - you can go here to submit your feedback directly to our product team:

We're here to help if you have any questions!




I have done what you offered but didn't manage to change the text.

I've read you need to save it (did it) and enable it (don't know what this means)

This is why?

Hi Galia!

It looks like you need to add the text that you'd like to replace "View Course" with. Simply replace {{ 'liquid.partials.course_card.link_landing_page' | translate }} with your chosen text, save, and that should do it!

If you get stuck, feel free to reach out directly to the Support team from this page:



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