Can I sell my course as a gift?

Are you looking to sell gift vouchers for access to your course or bundle; e.g. so that somebody can pay you for access to the course for a friend or relative?

We do have instructors handling this through Thinkific, so below I've included some steps for how this can be done...

1. Create a “course” for your gift voucher that simply has a landing page, some pricing, and one lesson in it thanking the customer for their purchase and letting them know that they’ll receive an email with further instructions shortly.

2. Set up an automated welcome email for your “course” to be sent to the purchaser - this will include a coupon code for 100% off your course pricing that they can then give to the gift receiver for free access to your course!

If you have any questions about this, feel free to leave us a comment below!

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Is there the option to create a unique code for each 'gift voucher' sale, which ensures that only the recipient can use it (and that it couldn't be shared with lots of people). I see there's an option to request bulk coupons but I'm assuming that the course/gift voucher listing would only have the one code.

Hi there!

You are able to create unique coupon codes for one-time use. The bulk coupon codes that we generate for you will be unique, or, you can also create unique codes yourself. When creating your promotion, hit the 'Create Code' button multiple times.

I hope that helps, but let us know if you have any further questions.



I want to invite some users to a paid course for evaluation of the content by using a 100% discount coupon code. In this case, do I have to pay Thinkific transaction fee?

Hi Hiroyuki!

If an order is for $0 then there will be no transaction fee from Thinkific :)




I think I'm a bit when I go to set up my gift voucher using a coupon, how can I prevent the recipient from using the coupon code more than once? 

Also, I have multiple classes - do I create a coupon code for each class or just one code for all of my classes?



Hey Victoria,

Happy to help!

To make it so the recipient can only use the coupon once, set the quantity field to "1" when creating the code.

You can select which classes a code can be applied to when creating it too (e.g. in the example below I've selected "All products")

If you'd like to create one promo for all of your gift recipients but with multiple unique codes, you can hit the "Create Code" button multiple times.


I hope this helps, but if you get stuck we're available to help at :)



Catherine, I may not be totally understanding what is being proposed here.  I'm looking for a way to make this as simple as possible.  The method you've described above seems to require multiple manual actions on my part when a user.  I think I understand step 1 but not step two.

1. Create a gift course - I understand this step. People can buy the gift course then they'll get the automated email which contains a separate discount code for the real course they want to purchase.

2.  The automated "Welcome Email" will be sent by Thinkific to the buyer containing the discount code.  How do I set this up to add a unique discount code for this specific buyer?  Do I have to manually create these discount codes ahead of time?  The screenshot included above is the manual process for creating codes.  Then, how do I get each unique code in the welcome email? 

We have this request come in a lot so it would be nice if this process could be improved by Thinkific.

Hi Lisa!

Right now a unique code cannot be set up using this process because our system doesn't have a way to dynamically pull in a different discount code each time. If you tell your customers that the coupon is one-use only then most people should respect that.

If you'd prefer to have more control over this, then there may be some way you can automate this using an external autoresponder - e.g. if you have the unique codes set up in a spreadsheet, there may be a way to set it up so that a different code is pulled into the email each time it goes out. You can then integrate your Thinkific site with the autoresponder, so that the email is triggered when somebody buys your course. This is more of a theory than something I've seen in action, but it's definitely worth doing some digging into if it's a common request from your customers!

You can also go here to submit a feature request directly to our product team, so that we can consider in future product development:

We're here to help if you have any further questions at all.




My course will be sold to hospitals that purchase multiple seats for their employees. Is this how I would handle that (once we upgrade)?



Hi Tonya!

Yes, you can definitely use coupons so that employees of the hospital can register in the course after you receive payment. Another option is you can manually create the accounts and enroll the employees into the courses for them. 

Hope this helps!


This is incredibly complicated. I can't figure it out. Shouldn't buying gift packages be a lot easier than this?

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Hi John! 

Happy to help you set this up! Can you tell me where you're getting stuck and I can point you in the right direction. You can also send a quick message to our support team ( and when can get you sorted out.


I'm with Lisa Funk - it would be great to have an easy way of sending an automated email with unique coupon codes. Especially with the holidays coming up, gifting a course is ideal and a great thing to market.

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We get contacted by a lot of spouses that would like to buy courses for a significant other but get stuck by the current process.

When someone is buying a course as a gift they currently have to sign up with their own email address instead of the person they're gifting it to.  This makes it difficult for a person to essentially transfer access to the person they wanted to buy it for and means a lot of people just don't buy gift courses. 

There is no good way to create an automated gift code currently.  There is no good way to buy a course for another person as a gift other than the customer buying the course in their own name and trying to figure out how to change the email address at a later date.  Not exactly the fun Christmas or Birthday reveal.  

We have a Shopify store and I see that Zapier for Business has an integration that will "enroll a new user" when there is a new Shopify paid order.  We're going to give this methodology a shot.  I'm not sure how this will go, how errors will be handled, or what will happen if the person is already a user in Thinkific.  This method requires creating custom fields in Shopify under the Cart Attributes.  I'll try and document my steps in case this works and I'll share it here.

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