How can I replace the theme's site landing page with my own html/landing page?

I've created my own landing page using Leadpages. I'd like to replace the site landing page with the html code for this sales page. 

How can I go about doing this and what challenges might this present?

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Hi Jeff!

Replacing the site landing page on Thinkific with the HTML for your Leadpages landing page would be a fair amount of work because you'd need to make it compatible with our Themes framework - but what you need to do is actually much simpler than that!

If you keep your landing page hosted on Leadpages, you can simply link directly to checkout on Thinkific from that page - here's how.

Alternatively, if you're looking to move away from Leadpages and have everything hosted with us, then there is another option - create an additional page for your site.  Additional pages have a WYSIWYG editor that you are able to paste HTML into, so this may work well for you - particularly because we could set the default landing page for your site to be this additional page, rather than the standard site landing page. If you’re interested in this option, once you’ve created your page simply send us a message via the HELP page on your admin dashboard and we can get that set up for you!

That would be a big bonus to have your team set up the sales page as a default/landing page.

Now - with that said - our course will only be available in 2 week increments. Could your team switch out that page with a waiting list page as well?

Thanks so much - this is VERY helpful!

Hi Jeff!

The most efficient way to switch between your course landing page and a waiting list is to go in and edit your landing page to show different information when the course is opened and closed (that way you won't be waiting on us to change between different default landing pages for your site).

A quick suggestion to make this nice and easy for you - when the course is closed, why not use something like SumoMe to add a email capture box to your site, letting any visitors know that the course is closed and to enter their email address to join your waiting list? You can find more on SumoMe here.

If you have any further questions about this, the customer success team will be happy to help so just send us a message :) 

Hi Catherine, a quick question if I may...

I've been using one of your theme landing pages for my course for about a year. However, I need to switch to using one I've just made on Leadpages. I'll be making the switch soon and taking the new landing page live.

Obviously, the two landing pages have different urls. I've got A LOT links to the Thinkific landing page url on my website and on other people's websites. Is there an easy way to still use the original Thinkific url but direct traffic to the new Leadpages url?

Hey Rebecca! Aaron here for Catherine to help you with this!

If you'd like to use your own third-party landing page to enroll your students, you can go ahead and link directly to the course's checkout page from your Leadpages site. Here's how to get that URL:

Aside from that, you can add a custom URL for your course site. Here's how:

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