Thinkific & Typeform - Hide "Next" button?

I am using a multimedia link to make Typeform available via my Thinkific course.  It works great except for one issue - users will often tap the "Next" button to move on to the next Thinkific lesson, instead of tapping through the Typeform.

Is there anyway to hide the "Next" button for a specific lesson?  I can link users to the next lesson via Typeform.

*I attached a sample file.  It's not so bad on the desktop version; it's most confusing on mobile.

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Hi Michael,

Ah yes, I see what you mean!

Unfortunately there isn't a way to hide the 'Next' button for a lesson at this point in time - we will be working on making the course player more customizable though, so watch out for that :)

For now if you switch to using our Quiz or Survey lesson types instead then that should make navigation easier for your users, as for that lesson type the ‘Next’ button really does mean next question!

Alternatively, when creating your Typeform you may be able to change the layout to make navigation clearer, or to include some instructions on how to navigate through your quiz.

I hope this helps, but just let us know if you have any follow up questions!

I have that same issue as well. I'm trying to link online booking with Thinkific, but the 'Next' button is in the way. Having it more customizable would be helpful. Thanks.


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I've just run a pilot course with 40 participants. Despite me including specific instructions about how to navigate through a slide set using the 'Next Slide' before moving on to a section with the green 'Next' button, students have commented in the feedback that the layout is confusing. Several of them lost their way and this is no surprise to me. I also made the same mistake when testing my course - as did another independent volunteer, prompting me to include explicit instructions at the start of the course, with screenshots of how to navigate. File attached for information. I even included reminder slides part way through the course prior to students accessing a slide set of several slides. Still, they are drawn to the green 'Next' button. I feel this really needs to be rectified and would love to know if anyone else has encountered similar problems. Thanks.


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HI Allison,

It is something that we hear from time-to-time. If you'd like to send your feedback directly to our product team then you can do that from this page:

If this is becoming a big problem for your students, then here's some suggestions:

1. Could you use our built-in quizzes/surveys instead?

2. Could you link out to Typeform in a new window instead? (e.g. from a Text lesson)

Sorry as I know this isn't ideal, but I hope that helps. And please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any further questions.



Hi Catherine,

Many thanks for the quick reply. I can't see how I can deliver my course just using quizzes and surveys? If I have misunderstood please accept my apologies. If you could explain what you mean I will be able to look into it before launching my fee-paying course. I will look into Typeform but at the moment have no knowledge of this.



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Hi Allison,

Ah my apologies - are you asking about our Presentation lesson type? I thought your question was about Typeform because that's what this thread was originally about.

At this point, though, there isn't a way to change the way students navigate between presentation lesson slides. Again it's something we're aware of as an issue and you can go here to send your feedback direct to our product team:

The best solution is what you've already done, but I'd perhaps put those instructions in a separate introductory lesson if you haven't already and call it something like "START HERE".

If you find that doesn't help, it may be more effective as a video - for example, we recommend always including a welcome video in your course introducing yourself as the instructor (it's nice for students to see who they're learning from). In that, you could include instructions on how to navigate through the content.

I hope that helps, but the team are here to help if you have any further questions at all.



can i have a survey without a course? i want to have a survey as a page where i want to ask students which course they would prefer to study, and general survey 

Hi Sudo!

You can use Typeform to create your survey and then place this in an additional page.