Will students see an overview of their quiz results?

First, great tool.

As I've been adding my quizzes, I've obviously been taking them myself checking for errors and making sure fonts are consistent.

It's not an issue for 3- and 5-question quizzes, but my last one is 20 questions, and when I got through after scoring 100%, I was immediately taken to a screen showing the modules/nodes available for that section (in the section where I have the final exam, there are two brief lessons above it).

Does this mean there is no report showing something like, you got 18 out of 20 correct for a score of 90% - you passed.

Or is it because I'm the ADMIN, it's not showing a page like that?



Hi Mark,

Glad you're loving Thinkific - very happy to have you on board!

In response to your question, students are able to see an overview of their quiz performance:

If you have a passing grade set for the quiz and the student doesn’t pass, they will see the overview screen immediately and will be encouraged to try again; e.g.

Otherwise, if the student passes or if you have no passing grade set, immediately after completing the quiz they’ll see the lesson interstitial page (the one that updates them on their progress through your course), but they can click on the lesson in the left navbar of the course player to see an overview of their quiz results:

I hope this helps!

how do i check students grades on their quizzes?

Hi Ariane!

You can access students' quiz results from the Reports area of your admin dashboard - more info on that here.



I'm also loving Thinkific and looking forward to implementing it fully. 

Is there a way to add an explanation for each of my quiz questions while also enabling the passing grade feature? The software I'm currently using allows for both but I see a message when creating the quiz that it isn't allowed. 

I understand that you might think that if a student has already seen the explanation there'd be no need for them to take the quiz again, but I do want to be able to alert students to whether their performance is acceptable and also generate a certificate for them. 



Hi Maggie,

Glad you're loving Thinkific

It's not something that we can support right now, but it's definitely on our radar. You can also go here to submit your request directly to our product team:

What I'd suggest is - set a passing grade so that they can pass/fail, and automatically receive a certificate if they pass. From the Notifications page of your dashboard you can set up automated course completion emails, that would only go out once students have passed the course. You could attach a document with answer explanations to the course completion email.

Would that work for you?



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I hear you. My hesitation there would be that the students would be a lot less likely to open that document and check their answers than if it was right there after every question. Right now I have everything set to showing the explanations because I'm more concerned with them understanding why one answer is correct and another isn't than the grade. That said, the grade is pretty important because we only grant certificates to students that got 75% or higher. With the current process I'd have to go in and manually check each student's performance before generating a certificate for them. 

I submitted it as an idea, though. How will I hear if and when it is implemented? How often do you release new product enhancements? 

Hi Maggie,

I know that is isn't our immediate product roadmap so, just to set expectations, this option is unlikely to be available within the next few months.

You can keep an eye on your changelog (under Changes in your dashboard header) and our email newsletter for details of product updates.

If this is something that you need right now, I would consider using an external tool such as Typeform for testing your students. You can include most external quiz/survey tools within your course using the multimedia lesson type.

Feel free to get in touch with us directly if you have any further questions at all.



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Feature request... Letter grades. Having a percent score is one thing... but getting judged with a letter is powerful. Can we enable letter grades please!? I'd like a 50% to see they got an F.

Hi Jason!

Thanks for the suggestion. I definitely agree that a letter grade can be more meaningful that a percentage. You can submit this request directly to our Product team through this link:




What is the purpose of the "Explanation" box after each quiz question? Is this something the student sees? If so, when is it displayed?


Hi John!

The Explanation box will show after the student selects an answer to the question and then 'checks' however in the case of Quizes that require a passing grade, the explanations will not show (so as to not provide answers on subsequent attempts!)

Hope that helps!