Can I delete a course?

If you'd like to delete a test course then, provided that it doesn't have any enrolments, you should see a 'Delete' button in the Course Builder under Settings > Basic (scroll down to the bottom of the page to find it).

Currently if a course has had any enrolments, even if those are now expired, it cannot be deleted. This is a safety measure, as we wouldn't want you guys to accidentally lose a course that you still need. 

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It would be helpful to be able to delete courses that have had enrollments. I have a few test courses in which I enrolled test students while I was setting up and learning the system. Of course, I can hide those courses from the public, but it would nice to be able to get rid of them so they are not cluttering up my course admin screen.

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Hi David,

I can definitely see where you're coming from on that! You can also go here to submit your request directly to our product team for consideration in future product development:



Say "Settings" instead of "Details page of the course builder" where the delete button is supposed to be, Took me a long time to find it.

Hi Mike,

Sorry about that - we did recently update our Course Builder and the Delete button moved. I'll update this post now.



Can courses that I am not using be placed and saved (not deleted) in a folder so they are not cluttering up the administration screen. 

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Hi Wanda!

Currently, we don't have the ability to place courses in a folder but I think this is a great idea. You can submit this directly to our product team through this link:

In the meantime,  you can reorder the courses on your admin dashboard so that they are at the bottom of the list and not in your way.

Hope this helps!


There is no settings tab? And nowhere I can delete my unwanted courses. Please advise


Hi Michelle!

You have to first go into the course that you're looking to delete. Once you're inside the Course Builder, you can click on the Settings tab:


Hi there! I'm waiting for any updates on this topic. Right now, I have a bunch of copies of my course. I needed to create them so that a proofreader could have access to lessons before they were released to possible enrollees. So, the proofreader was enrolled as a student, making the copies un-delete-able. Soon, I'll want to get things in order and eliminate these copies. Waiting for Thinkific's next move on this!  ;)


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Ditto...waiting.  Would be nice to delete a course that doesn't have active enrollment even though someone may have been enrolled at some point.  It would allow us to clean-up OLD courses without removing user id's even though they may not have been to our site in some time.

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Most of the time enrollments is mis-spelled (two "ls" are needed).  Also, it would better if you just said to open the course you want to delete and click on the SETTINGS button in the upper left of the screen.  Then, scroll to the bottom where you will find a delete button. It was a piece of cake once I found the right "settings" button I needed.