Can I import my existing students to Thinkific?

If you have several user accounts on a different platform that you want to migrate to your new Thinkific course site, you have three options:

  1. Manually create student accounts for all of your previous platform’s users.

  2. Announce/launch your new Thinkific course site to your previous platform’s users - i.e. letting students sign themselves up.

  3. A bulk student import handled by Thinkific for you.

1. Manually Creating Students

You and your team can manually create and enroll a student at any time. This is useful if you have a few users to migrate over to your Thinkific course site.

The process involves first entering in student information, including their first names, last names, emails, and if you like, setting a password for them. After that, you can enroll the user in any published course or bundle on your Thinkific course site.

Once you've created the student account, you can choose if you would like for them to receive a Site Welcome Email. If you choose not to send a Site Welcome Email, you can manually notify them through an email sent via Thinkific or any communication tool of your choice. If you've not set a password for them, your students can choose their own password using Express Sign-in

Note: Manually created students cannot have their progress rates set for courses they’re being enrolled in. If you need to mark a course as completed for a new student, you’ll need to take advantage of Thinkific's bulk import and enroll offer (see #3 below).

2. Relaunching a Course Site

You and your team may wish to relaunch your course site, now on Thinkific. In this case, it’s important that you have properly set up your Thinkific course site prior to launch (branding, settings, notifications, integrations, etc.).

Also, knowing how to link directly to course landing pages, directly to course checkouts, or to the site’s sign-up page is important for outbound marketing messages.

Migrating students can get free access to paid courses through a 100% off coupon. Coupons can be attached to the links mentioned previously as a URL parameter to automatically apply them at checkout.

Students signing up on your new course site will be enrolling with fresh student accounts, so if you need to mark a new student as having completed a course already, you can take advantage of Thinkific’s bulk import and enroll offer (see #3 below) .

3. Bulk Student Import and Enrollment

If you really want to speed up the migration process, you can take advantage of Thinkific’s bulk import and enroll offer and have us bulk import and enroll your previous platform’s student accounts for you.

All you need to do is provide us with a spreadsheet that contains all the necessary details for your new students, and we handle the rest.

Note: Bulk student import and enrollment requests should be sent in 5 business days prior to the scheduled import day. This lets us validate that the import will go off without a hitch.

You can enroll imported student accounts in any published course on your Thinkific course site during the import. You can even set an important student’s progress in that course as complete to accurately represent their progress on your previous platform.

Note: Pre-setting progress for new students can reflect a course as having not been started (0% complete) or fully complete (100% complete) only.

After the import, your new students will have an account on your Thinkific course site that they can log in and start learning with. Your Thinkific course site does not automatically send a Site Welcome Email to imported student user accounts.

To speed up the process, you can set a general password for all your imported student accounts and then email all the student accounts the information on how they can log in right from your Thinkific course site.

If you're interested in this service, you can request a quote for it here.

And if you have any general questions about this, please let us know below!

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I'm new here so bare with me. If I do a bulk import of say 1,000 people I'm not sure how that would help me. Would I just sent them all an email and tell them I "added" them? Do they still have to "enroll / register" with name, email and password? 

Stupid question but that's how I learn.


Hi David!

Not a stupid question at all!

If you do a bulk import then they'll be no need for the students to enrol with name, email, password, etc - they can just go to your Thinkific site and log in using the credentials that we set up for them.

To let the students know how to log in, you can either:

1. Use the automated site welcome email that you can set up from the Notifications page of your admin dashboard - just let us know before we process the import that you'd like the welcome email to be sent out to your students. 

2. Send them a message after the import; e.g. using the mass user email feature.

I hope that helps!



I want to download a course cartridge into your system to test compatibility and look. I can use a small test file from Canvas and/or D2L.


Hi Gary,

If your course content is available from Canvas/D2L as an HMTL file then that should work well with Thinkific. Please send your test file over to and we'll try that out for you :)



Hi - I am ready to migrate some student over to my membership site here on Thinkific.  Although, migrating the monthly membership payors over is pretty simple because I can shut them off on one side and send them a link to register and pay here.  The annual payors (I have 3) are different.  How do I sign them up and set there annual renewal date to match what it currently is?  Like I have one person who is annual and they renew on Oct. 14th and another who renews in December.  How can I set them up?



Hi Michele!

You can manually adjust your student's enrollment expiry to give them access until their renewal date. At that point, I recommend reaching out to them to enroll again here at Thinkfiic.

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