How do I track conversions from Facebook ads?

All you need to do is paste your BASE pixel code under Integrations > Facebook Pixel Code on your admin dashboard - no need to worry about any of the conversion tracking stuff because we've got that covered for you!

Pasting in your base pixel code will do both of the following things:

  • Add tracking for page views to add pages of your site
  • Add tracking for conversions to the checkout thank you page, so that any successful orders will be sent back to Facebook and counted as a conversion.

And that's it :)

If you'd like to see your pixel in action on your Thinkific site, you can install the Facebook Pixel Helper for Chrome.


I want to track conversions from facebook per course 

ex iniate free trial checkout

or buy checkout on this page :

as its the same for all courses, how can I differentiate per course ?



Hi Nicolas,

If you set up our Facebook pixel integration, for each order, it will send the amount of the order over to Facebook. So you can use that to differentiate between free and your different pricing options.

Assuming that, when you run Facebook ads you'll be running ads for specific courses, from your ads dashboard you'll be able to track the success of your ad back to the number of purchases made for that specific course.

I hope that helps, and just let us know if you have any further questions at all.

Many thanks,


you need to add (content_type, content_ids and content_name) to the Purchase tracking so We can use catalogs,  track conversions and create custom audiences as well as custom conversions at the course level. 

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Renuevo,

Thanks for the feedback. We are looking at some improvements to our integration.

For now, if you need to track more information about your orders, you can install the pixel manually using Themes instead of our integration.

You can find the <head> under Theme Layout for adding your base pixel code. And to add customer conversion events, you can use Snippets > page_specific_header_scripts. Adding your events under {% when "checkout_thankyou_page" %}

I hope that helps, but just let us know if you get stuck.



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So, I don't need to add the pixel code for a Purchase conversion to be able to track completed transactions?


Exactly! When you paste in the base pixel code, our integration automatically adds in the tracking for conversions for you :)



Hey Catherine. Can you tell me how to set up a dynamic custom conversion pixel in the thinkific site so i cam track the value of multiple courses sold through the platform? 

More here:

If you have multiple values that you want to track (ex: you're selling multiple items with different prices), you can make the value dynamic. We recommend asking your website developer to dynamically pass the value of the purchase in place of the 0.00 in the "value: 0.00" portion of the purchase event.

Purchase variables vary from site to site, so you'll have to work with your developer on what your site's variables are. Here are some common examples:

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Hi Andy!

These are the variables that you can use if you're setting up a custom pixel:

  • order_number
  • billing_name (The full name of the person who made the purchase)
  • billing_email
  • payment_method
  • total_price_in_cents (e.g. 10000 for $100.00)
  • total_price (The amount in dollars and cents e.g. 100.00)
  • referral_code
  • product_id (The unique identifier of the product that was purchased)