Can I sell physical products alongside my course?

We do have instructors selling physical products (kits, books, etc) alongside their courses as part of a bundle, or as an upsell.

To be able to take payment for that through Thinkific, all you'd need to do is create a 'course' called something like 'How to receive your [product name]' and then set the pricing as usual. Within this course, you can include a survey or another kind of form (e.g. a Typeform) for collecting the customer's shipping address.

Alternatively, you could also embed a button from another payment service onto your landing page - if you're not sure how to do that for the service that you're using, leave us a comment below and we'll be happy to give you a hand :)

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Hi Desi!

Happy to help.

Where the information captured in the second course goes depends on how you capture. If you use our built-in Survey lesson type, for example, the info would be stored under Reports > Quiz & Survey on your admin dashboard. If you use an external survey builder then the info would be stored in their system.

In your case, I would recommend using a survey option where the answers can automatically be sent to Acutrack.  For example, I believe Typeform will allow you to have students' responses emailed over to Acutrack.

I hope this helps, and just let me know if you have any questions!



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Similar to Desi's situation, I want to bundle my book(s) on Amazon with my Video Learning Module on Thinkific (without me physically sending the books).

I understand I can embed "Buy the Book!" on the landing page - but this would be a separate book-only transaction outside of Thinkific, riight?  I can create two courses - 

Video Learning Module

Video Learning Module + Book

How does one payment transaction take place to cover both the Amazon charge, and the Thinkific course?

Then how does the book get sent out from Amazon without me having to manage any of it? 

Thank you for any advice

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Hi Lily,

If these products are all downloadable then you could just create "courses" for them on Thinkific, so that all of the payment for that is handled directly through Thinkific. You'd use the Downloads lesson type for adding the content into the course.

Then, all of the products will be listed on your site landing page alongside your courses.

Would that work for you?



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Hi. If I wanted to sell an add-on to a specific course that offers an hour of consulting for an additional price, would this entail creating a course that is not visible, but including this in the upsell for the course option? or would you have the course priced two different ways?



Hi Greg!

What will work best really depends on how you'll be arranging the coaching with them. 

For example, if you create the second hidden course, you could then include an appointment booking page within the course (using the multimedia lesson type). This means that somebody could set up their consulting immediately after buying.

Alternatively, if you'll be arranging the consulting more manually, then a simple additional pricing option for the same course will work just fine.



Hi Susan!

Sorry to give you bad news but we're not able to set this up on Thinkific. As Amazon has their own checkout process to capture the payment and shipping address, your student would have to buy it separately through Amazon. They would also have to have an Amazon account to make the purchase. 

Hope this helps!

HI, If I want to offer a course, two ways -  one offers weekly LIVE webinar meetings and the other does not - I want to price them differently and I'd like to give access for those who paid to the webinar meeting. What's the best way to do this?

Hi Tracee!

You can duplicate your course and set different prices for each. If you want to have the live webinar within the course you can then add multimedia lessons into one of the courses. You can take a look at this article for more info on live webinars in courses:

Hope this helps!

I have a physical workbook that I would need to capture a shipping address for. So is it my understanding that I wold create a "course" called "How to receive your Encountering the Healing Power of Forgiveness Workbook" and set the price to "$0" because they will have paid $37 for the digital files of the course already? Or do both courses have the same price? I do not want my participants to be charged twice!


Shawn Lantz

Hi Shawn!

You could create a separate free course. Or, if all signups for your course are receiving that workbook, you could just include a survey for capturing shipping address at the beginning of the main course.

Either way, that will mean that your students are only paying you once :)



How about if I have different download products that i want to sell. Ebook, or charts... Can I have a page showcasing them all? and may be link them to a online shop? because you do not have a shopping card or a way to integrate a online shop right?

Thanks a lot!

Lilly )*(

So to add to this discussion -

We would like for our students who go through the initial coursework to be able to from that point forward - access a "video library" at their leisure as needed (for refresher or additional info)

The way to go about this is to make a free hidden course containing all the videos that only those students would purchase as an upsell at completion of the initial course?

Thank you!


Hi Stacy!

Yes, that's definitely one way to do it. You can still put a price on it and then give 100% off coupons through the course completion grade. 

Catherine do you have an example of that? I'm trying to setup a course that by each "module" the user can choose to do a 1-to-1 session (by an extra payment) but I'm having trouble to do that.


Hi Rafael!

You could use the Additional pricing feature to set this up. Simply add different prices on your course landing page depending on the number of sessions you wan to offer. Then a student could chose whichever number of sessions they would like to have before starting the course. 

Hope this helps!


thanks a lot!

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