Does Thinkific offer an app?

We don't currently offer an app, but Thinkific is actually fully mobile responsive and so your students will be able to take your courses on the go from any phone, tablet, or computer!

Your admin dashboard is fully responsive too, so you can check in on your courses and students from wherever you are :)

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For me, an App is totally important. It makes my audiotracks downloadable without giving them totally away.
As I offer tracks that people take with them in hospitals, they have to be downloadable. I really hope you're going fast here :-)

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Hi Chad,

Great ideas! I'll pass this on :)



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Just my two cents, I like the idea of a mobile app from a creator perspective, being able to provide push notifications and reminders to students. Part of my program are small reminders and use case walkthroughs, and while email is great this could be a fantastic avenue for this. Also even more important are site and course stats, giving me instructor notifications when folks haven’t logged in for some time or overall sales numbers.

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Hi Andrew,

Great insights. However, I would still want to believe that an app would be advantageous. Not everyone would go for the workaround that you've mentioned here. In fact, I think most people won't. Giving an option to download, which can be opened in the app only protects you from copyright issues. I tried what you mentioned here with the udemy app and tried opening up on my laptop but it didn't work out. May be there would still be some way but not everyone would be aware of it.

To look from the perspective of the developing countries, they do not have continuous hi-speed internet connectivity, however, still a very lucrative market. Hence, making the course available for download that will work only with the Thinkific player, to my mind is a great option. 

Another advantage would be in-app notifications. We have to heavily rely on emails for announcements, progress reports, reminders etc. In App notifications can be greatly used to enhance user experience and engagement and useful for completion rates as well. Most mails that are usually sent go to promotions folder in gmail, or even worse in the spam in hotmail/outlook. Hence this feature would be great.

I must say, though, that I got a great tip from the Thinkific group on FB. One can create a shortcut of the course page on their mobile home screen. Students can then easily access the course and resume from where they stopped earlier. This works on both Android and iOS. Just ensure you have a favicon uploaded for your site.

All said and done, without an app, one may not lose a sale, but an app definitely has the capability to increase your sales, and UX.

Have a great day!

Best Regards,


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Hello Rajesh,

Your post ... kinda presupposes your intellectual or knowledge superiority over others. I'm sure that if the same tactics were used against you you'd be pissed off and upset, and since I' not here to start a war, I will not write that people who don't know what they are talking about should not embarrass themselves by making claims they cannot support.

Instead, I'll stick to the facts ...

Udemy mobile app:

I had explored the android app offered by Udemy. All downloaded lectures can be found here:

Local storage > Device storage > Android > > files > udemy-final-downloads

Files are in mp4 format, ready to be used on a "computer" just like any other files. No special player required.

When I opened Udemy's mobile app, the first thing that I saw was ... drumroll ... Advertisement! In my opinion that's the real purpose behind the app. You may disagree of course ...

My primary reason for downloading content offline for a Udemy course is lagginess and unresponsiveness of Udemy's servers, particularly on the week-ends. It got so bad that it spilled out from Udemy's internal site. Here is one of the threads:

Finally, making a video downloadable is entirely your choice.

From my personal experience,

- I did not loose any sales because I don't offer app

- I spotted people trying to sell login info to my course on free internet classified ads

- I even got a student that told me that someone was using my course as a "visual guide" and they would translate my material to a different language during a live classroom training

If people want to watch your course on the go ... they will go to sources not to be mentioned here ... and if they are successful in their search, then there is really no reason for them to pay you for your work ... and offering a mobile app is not going to fix that.

People who claim app not critical need understand the purpose for downloading of video content for offline usage. If you are with a mobile subscription with limited mobile data it cost more to stream video content on 4g/3G. So when connected to wifi can download large video content and later watch offline on the move. Also downloading in a mobile app is not like desktop downloading of files , it can be contained within mobile app and cannot be taken or distributed outside of the mobile app. If you need understand this feature try udemy or coursera mobile apps.

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I agree app is not critical.

II second the opinion that app is not critical.

I haven't lost a single sale, because the app is not available, the website itself is mobile friendly and responsive, and making material downloadable is entirely your choice.

Thank you Catherine for the quick response. I have started developing my site on thinkific.



Hello, Since Thinkific is responsive, I'm not sure an App is all that important. There are many ways to engage with students. Also, Thinkific allows instructors to let students download course videos. However, IMO it's crazy for instructors to allow students to do that since it makes piracy too easy. Also, it's not appropriate to compare Thinkific and Udemy in any way in my view. Many of us here are refugees from Udemy because we reject their business model. An App would be okay, but it's not essential IMO.

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Hi Naman,

I'm going to pass this feedback onto our product team for sure.  I would also recommend going here to submit your feedback directly to our product team:

For now, if users save your course to their home screen it will function much like an app - the site is fully responsive across all mobile devices.

If you have any questions/concerns about this at all, I'd get in touch with the team directly as I'm sure we'll be able to find a solution that works for you.



Please expedite on offering an app to your customers. This is the biggest hurdle that I am facing to start on the Thinkific platform. This should have been done long time ago. We need to be future ready. 

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Hi Rajesh,

It absolutely is something we're looking into, so I'll be sure to pass your feedback onto our Product team. You can also here to submit a request directly to them:

For the meantime, your courses will still be available for consumption on the go as Thinkific is fully responsive and accessible across all devices.

If you have any questions/concerns about this please don't hesitate to get in touch with us at



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I almost thought I have found the best portal only to realize you didn't have an app. I m surprised to hear that you didn't have plans for it too. Udemy , coursera apps allow to download content for offline usage and that's incredible. Who would want to consume data on the go. Could you please help look into it seriously

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Hi Rodrigo,

It's certainly something we can consider for the future, and I can definitely see the benefit in using push notifications, for example, to increase engagement with your courses. You can go here to submit that as a request directly to our product team -

For now, I know it's not quite the same, but students can save your Thinkific site to their home screen, which means they'll be able to come back to it with just one click.

Happy to help if you have any questions about this at all.



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