Can I offer additional pricing options for bundles?

At this point in time, additional pricing is not available for bundles - something we'll be introducing ASAP!

For the meantime, you definitely can still sell the same bundle at different price points - you just need to make two versions of the same bundle (i.e. two bundles that both include the same content, but with different pricing).

Pick one of your bundles as the main pricing option. In the description for the landing page you can then include details of your other pricing with a link straight to checkout for the second bundle.

If you have any questions about this, then please let us know below!

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We're also very much in need of this! I appreciate all of the hard word you're putting into bringing us new updates, Thinkific team. 

Need it as well. Thought it would be obvious that more costly bundles need more payment options

Can we get an update on this feature?!

There are a dozen messages asking for an update.... Folks are starting to get antsy!

Hi Alison and all!

We definitely hear you and know you want this feature. We are not able to provide exact timelines as is the nature of software development and they do change however I can say some new features are coming very very soon so do keep an eye out!

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Thank you for the follow up, Eric.

Are the upcoming features that you mentioned related to offering tiered subscriptions to our students?


Another vote for this feature please! Trying to decide if Thinkific is going to truly work for a membership site. I'd like to be able to offer multiple month subscriptions at a discount.

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We would really love to have this available asap!


Hi all,

This feature is on its way, so keep an eye out for more news in the next couple of weeks!



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This is an essential feature for business plan members. Having multiple bundles of the same kind can be confusing for the user experience. I am definitely interested in knowing updates on this feature!

Hi Alison!

Keep an eye out on our changelog and our email newsletter for updates on this :)



The update that came out today still does not include this feature for bundles yet, correct? Or did I miss something?


Hi Erin!

Additional pricing is now available for Bundles, but only for customers using our new Site Builder (currently in Beta).

If you'd like early access to that then our Support team may be able to help you out :) Get in touch with them here however please keep in mind that Site Builder entails a new way to build and customize your site and pages. To transition to Site Builder will require potentially rebuilding most of your current pages as these themes are not included with Site Builder. We will be providing a more formal migration path for those on the currently v1 and v2 Themes to transition to Site Builder.



Would like to suggest a Custom First Payment for a monthly plan as well. 

I sell high ticket courses and cannot afford to rely on monthly subscriptions. 


It would have been great if I could charge an upfront payment + a monthly installment plan for 6, 8 or 12 months. 

ICING & CHERRY ON CAKE - & if there was an option for this plan to flow into a monthly/yearly subscription after the first 12 months, i.e. when the user has paid for the course completely, it would be simply amazing and out of this world.