Can I offer additional pricing options for bundles?

At this point in time, additional pricing is not available for bundles - something we'll be introducing ASAP!

For the meantime, you definitely can still sell the same bundle at different price points - you just need to make two versions of the same bundle (i.e. two bundles that both include the same content, but with different pricing).

Pick one of your bundles as the main pricing option. In the description for the landing page you can then include details of your other pricing with a link straight to checkout for the second bundle.

If you have any questions about this, then please let us know below!

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Definitely something that we need as well - would make things much cleaner for us, especially now that coupons are persistent.

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Looking forward to this feature. 

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Hey Catherine,

First, I just wanted to check if you have an ETA on this addition yet?

If not, or in the meantime, would that require me to get coding done to add those price points to the landing page of the main bundle?  To get the 'buy now' buttons looking good I assume I would need to.  I have 5 price points on the one bundle and I would particularly like to have it on one page as I want to set up affiliates and I can't do that if they are not all on the same page, right?

Also, the other day I saw a video of Brainy Girl (Kim) copying the code from Clickfunnels into the Thinkific landing page successfully.  I'm thinking that might work for me.  What do you think?

Thanks in advance! S :) 

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Hi Sharon!

Currently, we don't have an ETA for this feature but I will give the product a nudge!

In the meantime, for the bundle feature you have to have all pricing options for affiliates to be credited. You can create separate bundles for each price point and if you have affiliates they can still be credited for all sales. 

For the code from Clickfunnels, I'm not sure what one you're referring to. Do you mind sending us a quick message through with more info and we can look into it for you.


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We're also looking forward to this feature! 

Will the feature to pay a full year in advance be available along with monthly costs or a one-time charge? 

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Hi Catherine,

I am looking forward to this feature as well - the bundle is my central product, having a payment plan and one pay option is key for my certification course.  Making 2 pages for the same product creates user confusion.

Thanks nudging this along :)

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Totally agree with Cindy, I have 6 courses, but the way Thinkific makes me separate out bundles and pricing means multiple products that are really confusing to my potential customers. 

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Just checking in on this as well... I'm trying to launch a membership site with multiple courses bundled, and I want to be able to offer a monthly payment and a one-time payment. Any idea as to when this will be an option. It's been being "worked on" for over a year? Thanks!

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Doubling down on this urgent feature request ... I'm FINALLY ready to set up my membership site and was disappointed to find out we don't currently have the option to seamlessly offer a monthly and an annual payment plan. PLEASE build this in! There are lots of other options out there to create membership sites - so many of us want to stick with Thinkific - having the variable-pricing option would make it a no=brainer to do the membershp site on Thinkific!


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Agree here - Monthly and annual options a high priority for me, too. :)

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Yes, really looking forward to this availability too.  Having to create duplicate bundles with different payment options seems like a bit of a hack, but will have to do if necessary.

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I co-sign on this feature!!! Needs to be implemented ASAP!!

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We need this feature too! Please build it!

I need it also