Customers aren't applying my coupon code at checkout...

If you're finding that sometimes customers miss the 'Have a coupon code?' link on the checkout page and so you end up to having issue them refunds, there is another way that you can send out coupon codes to avoid this issue - you just need to make a small change to the link that you're using for your course landing page:

All you need to do is add the following to the end of the normal URL for the page: ?coupon=CODE

For example, if your coupon code is "50off", your URL would look like this:

When a customer lands on your page via that link, the discount will be automatically applied at checkout and so they'll be no chance of them missing out on your promotion!

More info on coupons can be found here.

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Can you do this for a custom domain? I'm trying your suggestion but I'm not seeing the price update.

Hi Jonathan,

Yes this should work custom domains too.

I tried this out on your site and was seeing a change when the ?coupon=COUPONNAME was added to the end of the URL for your current published course.  (Sorry I can't be more specific - trying to avoid giving out a coupon for your course on our public forums, ha!)

If you'd like to chat about this more, feel free to get in touch with us directly and we'll get it figured out for you :)



Can an affiliate have a coupon code as well. When I try its not showing the coupon code 

Hi Dave,

Please try this link instead and it should work:

The first thing you append to an URL needs an "?" and anything after that should start with an "&" instead. 

I hope that helps!



Can the coupon code added to a link be applied to all courses on a site? For example, using the URL given above would the following work:

Or is there another (or better) way to generate a link that applies the coupon code to all courses on a site? In the circumstance of an affiliate who also wants to offer a direct discount on my courses to it's paying members how do I prevent the members from applying the coupon code when using the affiliate link, essentially resulting in double the discount/affiliate payout amount from my perspective?

Hi Brenda!

The coupon code can only be added to the course url or the checkout url. Also only one coupon code can be applied at a time so your students will have to choose which code they want to use. 

If you need more info or details, send us a quick message!

Does anyone know why the coupon code box at the checkout is invisible? It's white text on a white background and there's no way to change the color.

Hi John,

Looks like you got this figured out with one of our support team already! Let us know if you have any further questions.



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