Can I set an expiry date for a free course?

When setting pricing for a course you're able to set an expiry date on the pricing - i.e. how many days following purchase the student will have access to the course for. This isn't something that we offer for free courses right now, but it's definitely on our radar.

For the meantime, an alternative option is to make some of your lessons 'free trial' content instead. Content-limited free trials have actually been found to be more successful in terms of conversion to paying customers than time-limited free trials in general.

A second option would be a one-month free trial where you capture the student's billing information upfront, so they'll automatically be charged at the end of the trial (another great way to increase conversions). We just released coupons for subscriptions and payment plans that would allow you to do exactly that! You'd simply need to create a payment plan consisting of two payments, and then a coupon code for 100% off the first month.

The student would then automatically become a paying customer or, if they cancel their payment plan, they would lose access to the course after one month.

Any questions about this? Please leave us your comments below!

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Just to clarify - I've just finished setting up Lesson 1 and want that to be the Free Trial - so when I upload the next lesson will it give me a separate pricing option for Lesson 2 (Chapter 2)?  

Thank you Anna

Hey Anna!

Are these lessons/chapters within the same course?

If so, how it works is that you set the overall pricing from the Pricing tab of the course builder (more on that here) and that's what customers will be charged for access to the full course.

You can then set individual lessons within the course as free trial content, by selecting the checkbox for "Make this [lesson type] part of the free trial" when editing it. More on that here

Customers will have the choice from your landing page to "Enroll in Free Trial", which will only give them access to the lessons set as free trial content or "Buy for $X" which will give them access to the whole course!

I hope that helps, but just let me know if you have any further questions at all.



Here's a follow-up question for this. Here’s a few options for what I’m trying to do:

1) Course XYZa = free for 1st month, and $17 to keep it for life (videos + a few worksheets).

Upsell XYZb = life time access + worksheets + ebook for $27.

But once they have XYZb they don’t need XYZa… so would I unenroll them from XYZa? That seems like a lot of work. Or should I have:

2) XYZa = free for 1st month, and $17 to keep it for life (videos + a few worksheets).

Upsell XYZb = ebook $10

*And what if I want to upsell them again for XYZfinal for $97?? (video + worksheets + more videos + ebook + forum + bonuses)? Can I do that?

Could I add a 3rd course to upsell? If they get the upsell, they really don’t need the XYZa & XYZb, but they can keep it, obviously, but it’s the same ebook from XYZ.

OR should I just do this:

3) XYZa = free for 1st month and then $27 for 2nd payment + drip feed the ebook for access on the 2nd month.

Upsell XYZfinal

My only reservation for option #3 is that the ebook goes along with the lessons and would be great to have at the same time.

I know I’m making it crazy complicated.

Hi, I have a Mini Course that has been for free for 4 weeks. I now want to end the FREE course and charge $19. 

1. My question is:    will those students who signed-up for the free offer have access to it, once I add THE price? 

Thank you! 

Hi Renee!

Yes, students that are already signed-up in the course will continue to have access to the content.

awesome Thank you!

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