How do payments via Stripe work?

Stripe is the system that you can use to take payment for your courses directly on your Thinkific site.

If you're not already familiar with Stripe, here's a quick guide to Stripe and how it works alongside Thinkific...

Checkout via Stripe

Once you've linked a Stripe account to your site from the Integrations page of your admin dashboard, you'll be able to set pricing for your courses.

From now on, when somebody comes to your course landing page and hits the buy button they'll be taken to the Thinkific checkout page to make a payment.

This payment will be processed by Stripe, but as far as the customer knows they're paying you directly. Unlike with PayPal they don't need to sign into Stripe in order to pay you - they can simply enter their billing information directly on Thinkific and that's it!

Where does the money go?

When you receive an order, the funds will be sent to your Stripe account. Payouts are then made to the bank account that you have linked to Stripe.

To change how often payouts are sent from Stripe to your bank account, you can right-click on your company name in the top right of your Stripe dashboard, select 'Account Settings', and then navigate to the 'Transfers' tab.

Select 'Change schedule' to set up a transfer schedule of your choice.

How do I process refunds?

If you need to process a refund to a customer then that can be done directly from your Stripe dashboard.

First, locate the customer in Stripe - e.g. by searching for their email address using the search bar in the top right of the dashboard.

Whilst looking at the customer profile page in Stripe, scroll down to the 'Payments' section, select the three dots icon, and then 'Refund payment...'

You can then process either a full or partial refund to the customer. (Please note that the refund can take up to 10 days to reach the customer - more info here).

Any more questions about Stripe? Leave us a comment below!

I have a doubt related to Stripe, I have just configured this without problems. But I would like to do some testing, Stripe has some testing API keys, but when I configure this from Thinkific I suppose it configures it with production API keys, not testing API keys, am I right? If so, how can I test payments with Stripe?

Hi Mariana!

Yes, you're right :)

The best way to put a test payment through on your site would be using a coupon code for 100% off your course pricing. Here's how to get started with coupons if you haven't already:

I hope that helps, but let us know if you have any further questions.



Thank you Katherine, I'll do just that. :)

Hi Catherine, I have a question. Is it possible to use another payment provider? Motivated that Stripe does not yet have the possibility of depositing the funds in a bank account in Dominican Republic.

Hi Julio!

Good question! You do have some options other than Stripe for taking payment - check out this article for more information.



Hi Catherine

My course is based on subscriptions and it can work with Stripe. I like to know if Stripe is not working in some countries like india, pakistan etc 

so when someone will try to subscribe to my course in those countries what response they will receive?

Hi Khanum,

Happy to help -

Where are you based? As long as your bank account is based in a country where Stripe is available then you'll be able to use Stripe to take payments from students anywhere in the world via credit/debit card. Here's their list of available countries.

If you're based in a country where Stripe isn't available then you do also have some other options. Check them out here.

If you have any further questions at all, then just let us know.



Where do I find the basis from the payments I get from Stripe? I find information in the thinkific-site of purchases made by my clients, but the amount on them and the amount on the payment I get from Stripe doesn't´t match, since I pay a certain percent/purchase. Need the basis to my accountant...



Hi Malin!

If you'd like to see the details of your orders, including the transaction fees taken by Stripe and/or Thinkific (depending on your Thinkific plan), you can see that directly from your Stripe dashboard.

Head to Payments, select the payment you want to look at, and you'll see the fees listed under "Payment details"


You can also export an overview of all your payments with this information from Stripe as a CSV if needed.

If you have any further questions at all, then just let us know.



SO... I can´t find any "Payments" to click... Guess I´m in the wrong place looking? 


Hi Malin!

The screenshot I shared before was for your Stripe dashboard. If you go to Stripe directly you'll be to able to see the fees for your payments :)

Let me know if that helps!



Hi Catherine, 

when you checkout a Thinkific course using Stripe, can customers choose the payment method as configured in my Stripe account, or will they only be able to pay with VISA/MasterCard (the default). I'm from Europe and many people don't have a credit card here. Some information of other payment methods that Stripe now provides, and that I would like to use: 


Hi Bert!

Currently, with Stripe you can only accept payments via credit card. We are not able to use other method that are connected to your account. 

You can still accept other payment methods outside of your Thinkific site and the have students enrolled in the courses:

  • Manually create and enroll the student account
  • Issue 100% off coupons
  • Use Zapier to enroll the student
  • Create a custom application using the API on our advanced plan

I set up a 3 payment option for a course in Thinkific. It doesn't show up as an option when people pay. Do I need to go to Stripe to set that up?