Can I use HTML5 content within my course? (Storyline, Captivate, iSpring)

If you've created some interactive content on another platform that you'd like to use within your course then, provided that it can be exported in HTML5 format, it should work great on Thinkific using the multimedia lesson type.

You will need to have the file hosted somewhere online for this to work, but as part of the Business plan and above we can host HTML5 content for you! You just need to send us the files for the content as a zip file - we'll upload it for you and then send you the URL that you can use to create your multimedia lesson.

Examples of the kinds of HTML5 content that we have instructors using include: Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, iSpring, and more.

If you're using another program to create your lessons and you're not sure whether the content will work on Thinkific, simply leave us a comment below!

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Can I use an Adobe Captivate as a quiz using this method?

Hi Chellie!

You can certainly include quizzes in these content types, but this isn't recommended if you need to capture the student's performance on these because the quiz results won't be tracked by our system. Your best option is to use Adobe Captivate to present your content and then create your quizzes using our built-in quiz lesson type.

I hope that helps!



Hi am trying to create a multimidea lesson using captivate content using a url to the zip file on amazon s3 but am getting the message does not support iframing. where do i need to store my captivate files for this feature to work?

Hi Laura!

You would to have the file expanded on your amazon s3 so that you can link directly to the html file. If you're on the business plan, you can send us the zip file and we can host it for you.

I would like to know the answer to this question. How do we add H5P content into our curriculum?

Hi Eva!

Can you send us a sample file over and we can help you upload it? You can send over the file by submitting a new ticket: 



iIam new to the free version of Thinkific and am thinking of upgrading to the Business version. however, i have a question. Does the platform support the H5P plugin? this is something that produces interactive HTML5 content. It works with Wordpress, Drupal and Moodle at the moment. Here is a link to the site:




Hey Olive!

Thanks for getting in touch.

We can support most HTML5 content but, just to be sure, please can you send an example file over the support team? You can reach them through this page -

We'll be happy to upload a test file for you before you get on the Business plan :)




We have made our simulation on Active Presenter software 

And we would to add our simulation on the Thinkific 

kindly guide me How we can add Active Presenter Simulation in the thinkific ???


I checked out Active Presenter and it looks like their content can be exported as HTML5 content, which is what we need. If you can please send over a test file to we'll be happy to try it out for you :)



Hi There,

We currently are developing our training material in Adobe Captivate 8, and it is quite convenient to have the formative assessments in the same package, as well as plan to have the summative assessments in a different module, which has scenarios and animation and simulations (Flash via Adobe bundle with the Captivate package we purchased).

However, if one has to follow the route of publishing to HTML5 and then setting up quizes/assessments in Thinkific, this will require developing the modules and videos in Captivate, then setting up the assessments in Thinkific...

PS. For our planned enterprise deployment, Adobe Captivate Prime seems to be the most suitable platform at this time, as teh following are key features that some of the larger organisations we know of are looking at:
1. Site wide deployment, self hosted,
2. Offline content and learning,
3. Own admin for reporting,
4. A feature (I cannot recall the name now) whereby a learner is automatically enrolled once their job description has changed.

These are some key features, I am hoping that Thinkific may incorporate...


Hi Kevin!

Thanks for getting in touch.

You can set up the quizzes/assessments in Thinkific, it's just that our system won't be able to track the results of those and it won't be possible to send that info out to Captivate either. That's why we recommend building your assessments directly with us.

For the features that you mention, we may well be able to find something that works for you guys but we'll need some more detail from your first. Please can you send an explanation of how each of those features works to our Support team?



Hi - Can we embed SCORM content published through Articulate RISE?

Hi Clark!

We don't support the scorm reporting features but you can send us a test file and we can try it out on your course.

I created my content in Easygenerator (great tool) and would like to import it into my Thinkific site. I have the SCORM package, but I am not seeing how to do this. Can someone help me?