Can I sell my course in bulk?

We have a number of instructors creating training courses for companies, institutions, universities, etc. where access to the course is being sold as a license - e.g. access for 100 employees.

Because these licenses tend to be high-ticket items ($1,000+), and because companies usually prefer to have an invoice upfront for these kinds of payment, it's best to take payment for bulk licenses outside of Thinkific.

You then have a few different options for setting up access to your course for the employees:

1. Manually enrolling the students from your admin dashboard (not recommended for more than 10 students!)

2. Creating coupon codes for 100% off your course pricing to be sent out to the students (our recommended method).

3. Via our API (recommended for developers only).

We suggest using option 2 as the simplest and most efficient way, and it's already working great for many instructors selling bulk access to their Thinkific courses.

Any questions? Feel free to leave us a comment below!

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I have recently set up an account (business) and we are going to sell courses to large account customers as well as small businesses. We need to have an option to pay via an invoice upfront. How can we do it via API?

Hi Robin!

The best way to handle this would be to raise your invoice in your accounting software.

Once you've been paid, you can use one of the options to give access to your courses. If you decide to do this via the API, please note that this is an Advanced plan feature and you would need to have developers on staff to set this up for you. Here's our API documentation for your reference.

If you don't have developers, then the coupons option mentioned above (Option 2) works great! Or, you can now also bulk enrol students via our Business-level Zapier integration. More on that here.

The team will be happy to help with any more specific questions that you have about this. Reach us at



I appreciate this thread. My concern in regard to business courses is someone will purchase one course and connect to a screen and show it to the room. Is there any way to prevent this behavior? The only thing I can think of is to limit the amount of time via course expiration to may 14 days to discourage future exposure. 

Please share any experience your may have along this line. thanks for your wisdom and experience. 

Hi Thomas!

This isn't something that we see come up very often, particularly for customers working with businesses. We cover this topic in more detail here, but feel free to get in touch with us directly at if you have any questions/concerns.



Is there a more mid-level option recommendation? We see a lot of orders of 2-10 where we can provide a lot of value to smaller customers by not having to email and have a back and forth with me before getting the coupon code.

Hi Bill,

One way to automate this may be to set up some additional pricing options  - e.g. 5 licenses for $X, $10 licenses for $Y.

You can then set up automated emails to go out when those options are purchased - those emails would include the coupon codes for the students to use.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any further questions about that at all.




I think this thread addresses my question.  I am selling a training course to schools, providing unlimited access for a set period of time. Once a school purchases the course, how do I communicate with them that they should contact me for their unique coupon code? Do I put that in my marketing materials, or am I able to generate an auto-message when they purchase?

I'm stuck on marketing until I can figure this out, so it's kind of urgent!


Hi Charles,

So sorry for the delayed response to this. If you need an answer urgently, it's always best to contact our support team directly from this page:

You could include the message about coupons in the course welcome email that users would receive when they sign up to your course (head to the Notifications page to set that up).

Generally, though, if you're selling your course in bulk to a school, you'll most likely be taking payment outside of Thinkific as institutions tend to need an official invoice upfront. So I'd just mention it to customers during your conversations with them (and include it in your marketing materials too, if you like!)

I hope that helps :)



Thanks, Catherine.  That helps a lot.  I got the same suggestion from the support folks, so it looks like everyone's on the same page!

We've tried the coupon option. It is very cumbersome and there is no guarantee that users will not share the credentials. IP restriction is also not a good solution for the reasons you mention above.  Is there any way to at least restrict simultaneous logins?

Hi Michele!

We don't have a way to restrict simultaneous logins. However, you can integrate your site with Mixpanel to keep track of student activities. If you see someone with suspicious activities you can end their enrollment so that they can't access your content anymore. 

For bulk licenses to use my course, I am considering putting a limit on the number of coupons allowed for the course....directly related to the number of licenses purchased by the company.  I plan to have the company give out the license coupon code to whoever they want to have it.  But once the number of coupons runs out, there will be no more enrollments allowed. That way, nobody will get a course without it being paid for.  This plan won't completely stop people from giving out the code without authorization, but it will encourage the company to keep their employees in line.  What do you think, Catherine?

Hi Cathy!

Thats an excellent suggestion and step to take. The coupons basically equal what the company purchased! Great thinking!

A university is contemplating purchasing access for up to 1,000 students, but I cannot put the onus on the university to hand out 1000 coupon codes. Is there any way one code can provide access to a bulk number of learners, who can then set up their own unique password?